5 Tips for Renting a Bouncy Castle for Your Kid

A great party calls for a yummy cake, delicious treats and decorations. But what about a bouncy castle to make it more enjoyable for the kids? Well, a bouncy castle is one of the inflatables that can bring a unique spark to your kid’s party. 

Though you can find several companies giving out these inflatables for rent, we suggest you implement the following tips while doing so. You have to make the party perfect, and there’s a key to it. 

Discuss with your kid whether they are okay with it 

Before you make the decision, you should also ask your kid for their opinion. It is your kid’s party; it’s his or her special day. So, ask what kind of bouncy castle do they have in mind? Kids are imaginative, and it is wrong to under-estimate them. Note down what your kid tells you so that you can search for a suitable castle. 

Do not forget the budget 

Yes, we know you love your kid, and you can do anything for him or her. But you also have to consider the budget set for the party. Don’t forget that you also have to buy décor items, cake, treats, return gifts. So, we suggest preparing a detailed estimate of how much you are willing to spend for the party. 

Check out the castle quality 

You will be hiring it, but still, it should be a long-lasting one. While renting a bouncy castle, check for its quality, how much weight it can handle, what type of material is used, and whether it can stand excess weight load. Customers think that if they are renting, they can go for an average-quality one. But we recommend evaluating its quality before the final bouncy castle hire decision.

Check out the instructions concerning filling and maintenance 

Here goes the basic golden rule – When you rent it, you have to maintain it too. So, go through the instruction manual even if you are hiring a bouncy castle. Thorough research of its filling methods and maintenance process will help you a lot. If any damage is caused to the inflatable, remember that you could be liable for the same. So, to avoid any future chaos, learn how to use the blower or other methods available. 

Understand the different types of castles 

Which kind of castle does your kid want? Or which will suit the party theme? Discuss your requirements with an expert dealer and seek the best deal. You can find slides, pools, and even adult bouncy houses. 

So, brighten up your kid’s party with excellent quality and attractive inflatable. Research is the key to find the best one that suits your budget and specs.

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