This is How You Can Avoid These Common Moving Mishaps

When you are planning to move into a new place you get a lot of do’s and don’t tips from the people around you. All the tips are useful in one way or the other but the fact that you keep getting these tips so frequently and randomly during your packing hours makes it confusing and annoying. But the truth is that a few mistakes while moving can disrupt your whole process.

The moving process is very challenging because you need to get done with a lot of things within a specified time frame. If you have to face problems during this period of struggle, it can prove to be costly. Thus, it is essential to know all the problems that you can come across while moving and how to avoid them in the first place or else face them with ease.So, to help you out we have listed the best moving tips to avoid the mishaps all the people end up into. Good luck and Happy moving!

1. Damaging Furniture: This is the most common mishap that almost all of us encounter while moving or shifting.  During moving heavy furniture like bed, table, sofas, etc their corners often get damaged. This cannot be avoided completely but can be minimized to a great extent. Some damage may also occur if you drop a heavy furnishing. There will not be any heavy damage though but the corners or other soft finishing can get damaged. To get extra assistance while moving contact budget movers in Auckland.

Prevention: To start with, disassemble the furniture as much as possible. This reduces the weight and size and prevents damage that is done by dropping. Pack the furniture properly. Bubble wraps and packing peanuts are good packaging materials. While wrapping pay special attention to the corners.

2. Scratching the floor: While moving the heavy furnishings can scratch the floor. You certainly do not want to damage anything in your new place even before you have completely moved in. Wooden floorings are more prone to damage than cemented or marble floors, be extra careful with them.

Prevention: Protecting the floor from scratches is very easy. Just use a trolley or anything that has tiers to move your furnishings. For heavy and extra-large items, you can use wooden slides. If you are wondering that from where would you get these items then the budget movers Auckland is the solution.

If you hire a professional moving service, things become easier for you. They help you with everything from packing to unpacking. They not only take care of you but also your neighbours by moving quietly, so the whole colony doesn’t need to know.

3. Cluttered Packing: Packing doesn’t mean just putting all the things together and tying them. Packing needs to be systematic like all the kitchen articles need to be packed together. Any liquid item needs to be packed separately else they will be mixed with other articles and end up leaking. This can cause you great losses. Pack all the fragile articles most carefully, one negligence and you might lose it.

Prevention: Label all the containers. This might sound unnecessary but it is very essential. Number all the containers and maintain a separate diary. This diary should contain the names of all the entities in each container.

4. Forgetting Daily Essentials: This might not sound like a moving mistake to you, but it is. People get so busy in packing the accessory things that they miss out on the daily essentials. The common reason for forgetting the daily amnesties is that your daily essentials are packed in the end. 

Prevention: Firstly, you must ensure that you pack all of the essential items. Do not miss out on any of them else your first day in the new place might not be very pleasant. Secondly, pack all the essential items together. Label the container according to what is packed in it. This might seem to be a waste of time but it will prove to be a great time-saver while unpacking.