Baby Center Prize Pack Giveaway

Now Moms and Moms to be can have access to BabyCenter’s insight at their finger tips with some new tools.

Baby Center has two new books BabyCenter® Pregnancy and BabyCenter® 

Both books are written in a calm reassuring voice that covers the spectrum when it comes to pregnancy and when baby arrives.  They are both well organized and illustrated beautifully with color photos to guide you along the way.  I know I have 5 children, but there is always something new to consider and it is nice to have these reference books on hand.

The My Pregnancy Today App

This new, free application for the iPhone and iTouch.   There are guides to help expectant moms through their pregnancy.  It offers medically reviewed health content from obstetricians, midwives, nutritionists, and other experts.  You have access to daily activities, reminders and conversations.  You can also connect with other moms-to-be.

A “Preparing for Child Birth” online class

I think every expectant mother should attend a birthing class.  Giving birth is such a wonderful experience.  It can also be scary if you don’t know what to expect or how to handle whats to come.  With scheduling being hectic as it can it is nice to have access to an online birthing class.  A class you can take at your leisure.   Not to mention affordable, it is only $39.99.   The 2-hour instructional course includes : An explanation of the signs and stages of labor; What to expect during labor; Labor and birth stories from new moms; An overview of your pain-management options; A tour of a delivery room; Suggestions for creating your birth plan; A checklist to help you prepare for the big day and more.  You can hear from the doctors, ask questions all from your home.

Mom Answers

24/7 access to questions and answers from Mom’s who have been there.

Milestones Tool

Quickly record and share pregnancy and baby milestones with family and friends via e-mail, Facebook, and the BabyCenter Community.  Consider it your online baby book.

That is a lot of informational resources to help you or a loved one on their journey.


One lucky winner will receive the following:  two new BabyCenter parenting books (BabyCenter® Pregnancy and BabyCenter® Baby), a package of Seventh Generation diapers, a gift card from BabyCenter partner, Shutterfly and a BabyCenter bib.

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