Baby Good Byes And Floods Oh My

Well it has been two weeks since our littlest bundle arrived.  I checked into the hospital at 5 am, they broke my water at 8:20 am and she arrived at 9:50 am.  Guess she couldn’t wait any longer to see her Mommy.  My hubby had just dropped the kids off to school and was about to come be with me when I called him:  “honey, your new baby girl is here…”  “What?!”  Yep she came in a hurry.  I didn’t even have time to wimp out and get my epidural…  I kind of thought the contractions were hurting too bad to fast.. LOL.

 We got to go home the next day, I wasn’t sure if they would let me because I lost a lot of blood and actually passed out cold on my nurses.  They were like “don’t do that again.”  Gladly, if I had a choice I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.  I don’t know why, but while unconscience I cracked my two front teeth as well, oh fun..

I got home and things were going well.  My hubby put in for two weeks off to help and did great the whole two weeks.  He will probably get more rest at work (except for the initial catch up.)

On the 1st I received word that my Grandmother passed away.  That was really hard especially with all the hormones flowing.  One thing I can say is she is in a much better place not in pain, not lonely any longer.

The 2nd was my oldest’s birthday.  We barbequed for her and she got to visit with some family.  For her birthday we got her a “Mind Freak” magic kit.  She is still learning all the tricks, it is very entertaining.

On the 3rd I started to feel yucky and I realized my flu like symptoms were familiar and were coinsiding with the pain in my left breast.. Great another breast infection, I had one with my last daughter.  The shivers and fever that accompany a breast infection are almost dibiliatation, I can barely function.  I called the doc and hubby picked up a script for anti biotics.  It took 2-3 days to stop sweating and shivering.

Then came the rain… and it kept coming…  Three days later I went into my girls’ room to clean and make the beds when I stepped into a puddle, “What the H!”  If my landlord repaired the roof when we first moved in here as he said he would, this would have happened.    Where our garage meets my girls’ room the roofing was gone (from previous wind storm.)

 So all the rain poured down all the roof and collected there, proceeded to go between the walls and soak into my daughters’ floor.  It ruined the bedding and everything else in that area.  I have flood repair people coming with all kinds of quotes.  Sheesh.  So now we need new beds for the girls but they can’t even go in there because of the molding that needs to be done.

So that is what I have been up to, how about you?Share and Enjoy:

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