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Well tomorrow is the first day of school! I say “woo hoo” and “ugh” all at the same time. The kids are more than ready. Momma has tried, but she can think of only so many cool things to do.  So they have been going stir crazy.  Which is funny their “I can’t wait for school to start[s]” will eventually turn into “I can’t wait for summer[s].”

If you wonder why I say ugh, it’s because I will be running to and from schools to drop off and pick up kids throughout the day.

Here is what my daily schedule will look like:

545 – send my man off to work

600 –  get myself ready and make sure teenager is up and at it.

630 – get the other kids up

700 – Load everyone up and take teenager to school

730 to 815 – make sure other kids are ready for school

830 – Load up the kids again so we can get the 6th grader and 1st grader to school.

945 – get back home

1030 – prepare my man’s lunch

1145 – lay two year old down for a nap

130 – Load up and go get teenager from school

215 – get back home, make afternoon coffee

310 – Load up and get 1st and 6th grader from school

400 – get the kids rolling on homework

500 – start dinner

I did all this last year, but couldn’t maintain schedule for all the things I need to do between those time slots.  Things like cleaning, play and learning time with two year old, nursing new little one, cloth diapering, crafting, couponing, bill planning, blogging and so on…  “Time Maintenance”

Also, the fuel mileage is financially draining.  We could have them ride the bus to and from school, but I am uncomfortable having my 13 year old catch a bus (6 or so blocks away) at 630 in the morning.  Also, I didn’t have a whole lot of good experiences riding a bus when I was little.  The littler ones have a bus stop right in front of the house, so I am a little ok with that.  Yes, I am very protective, but I am 100% sure I am not the only one. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to share.  I can’t be the only one running a muck when school is in sesstion….

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