Barbecue Tips

MY Dad’s favourite – the barbecue! Favourite to cook on and favourite to eat from. I think it’s mine too, but perhaps it’s more about the eating outside that I like than the barbecue itself. Although, there is something extra tasty about food from a barbecue isn’t there! Or maybe that’s psychological? I just know it’s good! So, in keeping with the Father’s Day theme, I thought I would bring you some delicious barbecue recipes that can be cooked for your Dad, by your Dad or with your Dad! And (with the odd alterable exception) they are kid friendly recipes, both to eat and to make.

1. My Dish:

Baked in the box Camembert  – my absolute favourite! Almost effort-free and so scrumptious, once you have tried this I guarantee you will be disappointed if you attend a barbecue without one! Leave the wine out if kids are in attendance and I recommend crusty bread to dip into it – if I could trust myself not to eat the whole thing, I would make one of these now! (This recipe is for the oven. Instead, just remove any plastic, replace the box, wrap the whole thing in tin foil and place it on the barbecue for around 10 minutes. Then, go to heaven…)

2. Simply Recipes:

Blue cheese burgers  – These burgers are so tasty, and, so much better for you than shop bought versions. You can leave the cheese out for the kids (and wimps) but you should keep it in if you’re brave enough, trust me!

3. Group Recipes:

Brown sugar chicken drummettes – kids love these! Making them AND eating them! (So do I actually.

4. Veggie Belly:

Tandoori grilled vegetable kebabs – I love barbecued veg and this recipe sounds particularly tasty and isn’t too spicy for little mouths.

5. Delish:

Grilled tuna steaks – I don’t think I’ve ever eaten barbecued tuna without the sun on my face, so maybe that’s why this recipe makes me smile, or maybe, it’s just because barbecued tuna is beyond-words delicious, even in its natural form. This recipe calls for a grill – to barbecue, I think it’s best to wrap the fish in tin foil.

6. For the Love of Cooking:

Chicken and pineapple skewers – Can’t imagine anyone this wouldn’t be a hit with, I know it would go down a treat in my house!

7. Food Network:

Baked bananas – the banana skins appear almost black when cooked – but don’t judge a book by its cover – these are beautiful on the inside! Again, just wrap in tin foil before placing on the barbecue. Try them alone with cream or vanilla ice cream, or add raspberry coulis, lemon juice or honey for extra flavour – you won’t be disappointed either way! I hope you get some sunshine for your Father’s Day, then you can try some of these tasty treats!