Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

We know all about the common problems found during home inspections. That’s why people trust in our expertise to get the job done right the first time through. Home inspections should always be operated by a certified, bonded and knowledgeable home inspector from a company that will give you the correct information and include all the documentation to back it up.

So, what are some of the common problems found during home inspections? Here are a few examples.

Sloped grades or poor water drainage

These are significant problems, causing thousands of dollars in damage to crawl spaces and basements. And it will all happen without detection until it is too late to repair the initial problem. Sloped grades and poor water drainage lead to cracking concrete, as well as mold and rot, so it is best to tend to these issues immediately.


There are many different types of materials used in roofing, and each type has an expected lifespan. Asphalt shingles are the most economical, and slate is perhaps the most expensive. Whatever you have, the roof is one of the most important components of a house, keeping everything below it dry and safe.

However, the elements are always creating wear and tear on this structure, and the materials used to construct the roof will eventually break down, which causes weaknesses around the seams and joints. All it takes is a ladder and trained eyes to do a thorough inspection for any damage, cracking, splitting, curling, or leaks. Roofs can be an expensive repair, so be certain you have a home inspection completed.

Along with the roof, check out the age of the home and what materials were used to build it. Building materials have come a long way technologically and environmentally speaking as well, so it is important you have quality inside and out to ensure a long lasting home.


Older homes have fewer outlets than newer ones, and again the technology has expanded by leaps and bounds. Any faulty wiring or electrical that is not up to code should be dealt with to avoid fires.


Another big issue, which again depends on the age of the home, is the plumbing. Pipe quality will vary on how the original installation went and the original quality of the materials used. If it is outdated, it will likely need replacing. If issues are found during the inspection of a house you plan to buy, be aware that it can be a costly repair and you may need to go back to the table with the sellers to account for new plumbing in your negotiations.

Heating and cooling

If not well maintained, the heating and cooling systems will need to be addressed and upgraded. Be sure to check out any ventilation issues at this time to ensure all is functioning at maximum performance.There are many problems you will run into during the home inspection, and it is always an excellent idea to walk along with your inspector and ask questions along the way. Have a list of your concerns and be sure to go over them with your realtor or home inspector.

Buying a home is a weighty situation because it’s not like you can return it if you are dissatisfied. A home inspection is your last line of defense when it comes to either buying your dream home or a money pit. It is up to you to know the common problems found during home inspections.

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