Cooking Course For Young People

Young People Cook Dinner for the Mayor

Two cooking courses were organised this summer to teach teens in Slough about healthy eating. The courses were organised by Pip Collings, East Berkshire’s Public Health Dietitian and Steve Scuffell, chef patron from the Craft Guild of Chefs. Advanced Cook Course Mayor of Slough with the young chefs This course took place in the well-equipped kitchen of the Slough Estates offices. A small, friendly group were taught how to prepare a selection of dishes by Mr Scuffell and were given nutrition education by Pip Collings.

We are grateful to Slough Estates who generously allowed the students  to use their facilities for the project and provided all of the food. During the week, the emphasis was on friendly co-operation to prepare delicious food The youngsters worked very hard together to produce a delicious banquet for the guests which would rival any top restaurant. Mr Scuffell was very impressed with all of the students who achieved very high standards of cooking and food presentation. Basic Cook Classes This course is currently running at Langleywood School. A small group of teenagers are being taught to prepare a selection of dishes by Mr Scuffell and will be given nutrition education by Pip Collings.

Time to sit together and eat the food is integral to the course. At the end of the course, the students will prepare a three course, presentation  dinner for two guests of their choice, plus a number of special guests. We are grateful to Langleywood School and Castle Independent for the use of their facilities. Also Leathams, Solarest and

M & J Seafoods for sponsoring the food for this project.

Both of these projects are part of the Thames Valley University Summer Programme. Pip Collings explained “The youngsters have learnt how to prepare and present food in a really professional way. I am very pleased that we have been able to run these courses to help young people gain the life skills they need to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. 

“We have raised a generation who lack basic cooking skills and this has serious consequences for the future health of our youngsters. It is also having a considerable impact on the catering trade. It makes sense for dietitians and chefs to work together to introduce young people to the pleasure and practical advantages of cooking. During the courses, the students will learn how to handle knives, the importance of good nutrition and how to prepare a number of exciting dishes.”

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Food Garden Project

Funding was obtained from the Health Promotion Fund to create a food garden at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Bracknell The intention of the project was to involve children in growing fruit and vegetables to foster a positive attitude towards these foods and thereby increase intakes. In addition, practical sessions in the garden will increase the children’s physical activity. Community involvement and environmental awareness are also important elements of the project.