Cooking Tips How To Prep And Cook A Turkey

On Thanksgiving morning, you will be up bright and early but will you be ready to put the Turkey in the oven. You will be if all the steps were followed on the previous planning and prep list. The Turkey pictured below is almost ready for its rendezvous with the oven. Here is brief reminder…

Cleaned my work area

We need a clean space to work with our Turkey. The counters and sinks are clean and ready.

Have all your tools ready

I have the garbage nearby, for the plastic bag the turkey has been residing in. The sauce pan ready to receive the giblets. The roasting pan ready to receive the bird with carrots, celery, and onions. My scissors are nearby to cut the bag and trim any unnecessary parts of the bird.

Now it is time to get the Turkey ready…

I work in the sink, one is ready to clean the turkey the other is filled with hot soapy water. Cut the top of the turkey bag being careful not to cut the turkey. Open the neck fold, pull out the bag of giblets and neck from the other end. Place those in a sauce pan that is already waiting. This will be used to make extra stock for gravy or save for later.

Now it’s ready for a bath. Under cool water start rubbing the outside of the bird down in all the nooks and crannies. Be sure to pull all the feathers that were missed during processing. Once your bird is all clean, place it in the roasting pan. With a paper towel pat the turkey dry. Now it is ready to be seasoned. I like to rub my turkey with butter then season with salt, cracked pepper, garlic and paprika. As far as stuffing goes, I only put some of the vegetables inside the bird, but that is it.

Cover loosely with tin foil and begin to roast.Half way through the roasting process baste the turkey, cover back up and place back in the oven. with about 45 minutes left take off the tin foil. Your turkey is just shy of cooked but needs to be browned for a pretty presentation. Once the turkey is done, take it out of oven and let it rest with tin foil. While the turkey is resting, finish your rolls and other casseroles. This is Part Two of the Thanksgiving Planning Guide, be sure to visit Part One, Planning and Preparing for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

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