Hey! It’s Possible — Decorate Your Walls Without Damaging Them!

Home decoration can be fun and we all love trying out our creativity in adorning our homes through different methods. Especially the wall décor! There are hundreds of options available in the markets to make your walls look more enticing with the most captivating décor ideas. You are of course tempted to try your hands in almost all kinds of tips and tricks  to make your walls the most picturesque space in your home. But what about the wall’s life and finish? Are your experiments damaging your walls?

Essential Tips to Use Wall Décor Without Damaging Your Walls!

It’s quite easy to get tempted to buy and try all the lovely looking wall décor items. But this does impact your walls negatively too. Yes, these beautiful décor items can actually spoil your paint, damage its finish, blemish the texture, and even weaken your plaster! And God save your home if you injure the plaster! A damaged plaster is enough to weaken the entire foundation of your home. That’s why if by any chance you have dug a nail in your wall or hung a wall décor item that did impact your plaster, immediately contact DH White Plastering for plastering services in London. They’ll repair and make your walls strong and perfectly smooth and plastered again in no time. And for the next time onwards, follow the below mentioned tips to decorate your walls beautifully without damaging them.

  • Use hooks with adhesive — Considering the damage that’s been done on walls due to hooks for hanging plaques and frames, most of the companies have launched the ones with adhesive. These adhesives are pretty strong and hold up to a few pounds of weight (There are special ones for heavier pieces too.). These can easily stick on your wall and you can even detach them when you want without damaging your walls at all.
  • Wall friendly decorative tapes —If you don’t want to risk nailing in the wall, there are decorative tapes available in the market as well. These have a special quality in them apart from being super attractive— they don’t spoil your wall paint when you take them out. Use these to stick for your favourite poster on the wall rather than framing the same and nailing in!
  • Hang with putty — Consider it a trending DIY in hanging wall arts, but these have proven great so far! You can simply hang your frames by making putty balls and piercing the nails in them which you then stick on your wall. This has double benefits — your paint stays intact and your plaster doesn’t get spoilt! Plus the bonus of a nice photo frame hanging on the walls is special as well. What say?
  • Use decals or stickers — There are some decals and wall stickers available that can leave you gaping! You can decorate your entire home with them and be proud of your attractive handywork. All you have to do is just stick them on your wall and remove them when you’re bored of them – simple! No damage on paints (let alone plasters!), nothing at all!

So, we have given you some really cool options to try for decorating your walls with the least or in fact no damage. Are you pleased now? Happy decorating!  

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