Delicious And Spicy Paleo Recipe

My hubby and I have been getting exercise using my exercise bike and lifting weights, we love it. But I really want to amp it up by changing our eating habits.  I love all that I have read about the Paleo Diet; it makes perfect sense to me.  Here is a great list of Paleo recipes. In the beginning Hunters and Gathers worked all day to get the foods they needed to survive.  I personally think our bodies are still meant to run this way eating… Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Meats, Fish, Nuts, Seeds and Healthy Oils.

I can exercise.

I can eat the foods I mentioned above, but this Paleo Madre cannot deal with out her Mexican food! So I asked my friends from around the blogosphere for their paleo recipes especially ones that are spicy!  Here is a great list of recipes to get us started, some are spicy some are not.  I’ll be sure to share more Paleo Recipes as I develop them.  I also have been collecting Paleo recipes on Pinterest.

  • Thank you ladies again for sharing all your delicious Paleo Recipes with us.
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  • Paleo Maple-Cinnamon Granola {Grain-Free; Gluten-Free; Nut-Free; Naturally-Sweetened}  |  An Edible Mosaic
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