Guest Post  What To Eat To Have Beautiful Lustrous Hair

We all want that gorgeous hair that we only see in commercials. If you’re like most people out there, you want that hair treatment that you achieved in the salon—never to replicate at home. Getting beautiful and lustrous hair seems like an impossible task, because no matter how hard you try it’s just not the way you envision it. You either have dull or lifeless hair, or perhaps it seems to be lacking volume or that extra “oomph” that you long for. Before you rush out and buy any number of expensive products though, know that there are some simple and effective ways to achieve beautiful lustrous hair growth. Truthfully it’s as simple as the foods you eat, and they can make a huge difference in getting that gorgeous hair that you’ve always been after.

Red Meat

It may sound unusual, but eating red meat can help to ensure that you get some of the most important nutrients that your hair and your body craves. Red meat is an excellent source of protein, which is important in and of itself to your hair. It is also loaded with iron, and oftentimes the reason that we don’t have that gorgeous hair is attributed to an iron deficiency. So be sure to keep include lean red meat in your diet nutrition at least a couple of times a week to get proper levels of iron, and ensure that you get that beautiful hair that you’ve always dreamed of.

Green Leafy Vegetables

When our hair is lacking silica, we see damage to the roots and also a whole lot of breakage—this is far from the beautiful hair loss that we’re after. Therefore you want to eat foods that are rich in silica, and one of the top on the list is green leafy vegetables. In addition to providing silica, these rich vegetables are also loaded with other nutrients that are important to our hair and our bodies alike—healthy body and healthy hair are important and lend way to each other!


Not only can eggs work well as a natural shampoo from time to time, but they also happen to be a good food to eat for healthy and lustrous hair. Eggs provide not only ample protein that the hair needs, but also great levels of Vitamins B. This works well to ensure that the hair doesn’t get greasy and that it maintains that gorgeous and natural glow that we’re all after. So consider adding eggs into your diet each week for the best effects.

Sometimes achieving that beautiful hair is easier than you think. If you turn to the right foods that are loaded with nutrients then you can get the gorgeous hair you’ve always been after. It’s that easy, so remember to just change up your diet a bit before you run out to buy those expensive products—you may just need your nutrients!