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Welcome to the Health Promotion in Berkshire website This site brings together news and information on healthpromotion work and services in BerkshireNEWS. This is a ‘rolling’ news page with the most recent itemat the top and older items below for reference.Locations of Library Items31 Mar 2016

The majority of the HP Resources library items have been handed on toothers now. Thelargest selection have gone to the BHFT NHS library at Prospect Park Hospital, Reading.The rest have been taken by various health professionals that can makegood use of them. For more details see Resource Service News – Library ItemsThankYou and Goodbye!31 Mar 2016

The current version of the Berkshire Health Promotion Resource Serviceis closing today.The team would like to say thank you to everyone who has used their service over the years. For more details see Resource Service News – Good ByeFuture for Resources Lending Library3 Mar 2016

As part of the closedown of the current service, the HP Resources service are in discussion with local organisations with a view to passing on the lending library items.  As with all their assets, they are keen that everything can go on and be used somewhere. For more details see Resource Service News – LibraryShape the New ServiceHave Your Say1 Feb 2016  L

The current HP Resources service is closing and a new-look version will be starting in April, but you do still have a chance to say what you would find most useful in a new service.There’s no guarantee that any suggestion will be used, but if you don’t mention or suggest something then it definitely won’t be considered. For more details see Resource ServiceNews – Have your sayResource Service Closing by End of March13 Jan 2016.

The Resources Service, in it’s current form, will be closing at the end of March this year.  This is in line with the recent Public Health Consultation.The service will re-open in a new form in April, focusing on support for campaigns through on-line, interactive and downloadable resources. For more details see Resource Service News – ClosingDownloadable Leaflets Made Easy18 Dec 2015

The Resource Service are adding many more ‘Easy Print Summary Link’ documentsto their catalogue.  These are intended to make things easier with the move more to the use of online, download and self-print resources.There will be far fewer printed materials available in the future, especially the smaller leaflets which can be printed fairly easily.  Users will need to print copies themselves as they need them.This works well for the small leaflets but can be difficult for the larger ones and this is where the Summary Documents help. For more details see the Resource Service News – Easy Printing page.Anti-Bullying WeekMake a Noise About Bullying27 Oct 2015. Anti-bullying Week is from 16th to 20th November.  It is run each year by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

This year’s theme is “Make a Noise About Bullying” and here is their introductory video:Key Aims

The key aims of the week are… Empowering young people to make a noise about bullying Help parents and carers have conversations with their children about bullying Encouraging ‘talking schools’ where all young people have a safe space to discuss bullying Equipping teachers to respond effectivelyRaising awareness of the impact of bullying if they don’t tell anyone it’s happening. For more details see the Resource Service News – Anti-Bullying page.Download and Print ResourcesGet Items Instantly24 Sep 2015

Many resource items from the Resource Service are downloadable these days, and there are many benefits to printing your own:Always available – never out of stockHave items within minutes, rather than waiting for deliveryGet as many copies as you need, avoiding order limitsBetter for environment, avoiding use of transport. Also the Service is under increasing pressure to reduce their costs and this is a real way to help.  They are introducing some interesting ways to make self-printing easier and more practical.

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