Beware of These Home Inspection Mistakes

After months of efforts have you finally found out the house of your dream in Calgary AB? That sounds great! While you might be celebrating the discovery of your dream house, we would like to highlight some common mistakes that the home buyers make regarding the home inspection. Now that you are going to read this article make sure that you don’t repeat these mistakes.

Common Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

  • Saying no to home inspection

This is the biggest mistake that anyone can make for their home investment. A home inspection is a must as it involves an examination of the overall condition of the home. The areas of inspection include walls and structures, electrical and plumbing fittings, sewage systems, and so on. The inspection not only brings forward the defects in the home but also helps you in getting home insurance. 

  • Not looking for an experienced home inspector

Don’t think of home inspection as just a formality and end up hiring any random home inspector. Rather, look for a home inspector having relevant experience and good reviews. Apart from cost, it is also important to understand what process the home inspector follows and what the scope of the home inspection is. Hiring an experienced home inspector would help you become aware of any significant flaws.

  • Being absent at the inspection

While buying a new home is really time-consuming and there are a number of tasks you might need to do, you must make sure to be present at the time of inspection. Even if you have office work to complete, you can apply for leave or short leave. This is because being present at home inspection is very important to ensure that home inspection is being done fairly.

  • Taking the home inspection report too easy

Once the home inspector hands over the home inspection report to you, make sure that you read it carefully at least twice. The report is an important piece of information that helps you understand the shortcomings in the home. If you have any doubts or concerns in the report you can connect with your home inspector and ask for clarity. 

  • Not acting upon the report

The whole purpose of the home inspection is to take action on any shortcomings that are there in the house. Once you have gone through the report make sure that you reach out to the seller or the real estate agent for getting the issues resolved.


As the proverb goes “Be safe than sorry”, make sure you get the home inspection done so that you protect yourself from any cost that you might need to incur if the defects are uncovered later in the house.