How To Host A Mustache Theme Party

Everybody knows we have lots of parties here at the Young House and they are almost always themed.  My son loves his Army Themed Parties and my “Littles” have had several Princess Parties.  Our Oldest has had several of course, but I think her Twilight Themed Party was by far the best and her Nutella Cake wasn’t half bad either. We are finishing up New Year’s Eve with our Son’s 15th birthday party and I want to do something different.  Our kids have lots of fun doing lots of things they are a bunch of cut ups…  I do love watching them!  Lately, they have had more then enough fun pretending to have mustaches.

Isn’t she funny?!  All the kids from youngest to oldest love pretending they have mustaches.  My oldest draws a mustache on her finger and looks at me with her funny little mustache finger face, it’s hilarious.That got me to thinking how much fun and how many different ways we could play with mustaches.  So I asked my friend Julie,  over at to share with us her list of ideas we could do with a Mustache Theme.

Here Is Julie’s Thoughts On The Mustache…

If you love the mustache trend as much as we do, you’ll appreciate these fun party ideas featuring mustache games, party favors and decorations. From classroom parties to baby showers, Oriental Trading has fun ideas for incorporating the mustache into your next event.

Shower Themes

The possibilities are endless when it comes to mustache themes for parties. Gender reveal baby showers for boys offer the opportunity to come up with plenty of cute party decoration ideas centered around the mustache. Mustache cupcake decorations, party favors and DIY decorations made with mustache stencils will make this a party to remember.

Murder Mystery Parties

Host a dinner party with a murder mystery theme. Guests will love watching the drama unfold around characters with mustaches. From handlebar mustaches to thick, bushy styles or something along the lines of Clark Gable, create your own play including plenty of mustached actors in dramatic costumes for the ultimate mustache party.

Craft Parties

Celebrate the ‘stache by holding a craft party with a mustache theme. Use mustache templates to create incredible mustache crafts, from mustaches on sticks to DIY mustache decorations. Stock up on craft supplies and baked goods just waiting to be decorated. Kids and adults will enjoy decorating goodies and creating amazing crafts with images of mustaches. Clever ‘stache quotes make for fun additions to the crafts. Try “Mustache Bash”, “I’d love to chat, but I really mustache” and “I mustache you a question” for some great idea starters.

Slumber Parties

A sleepover party is the perfect place to celebrate all things mustache. Girls love playing dress-up, even if it does involve facial hair. They’ll have a great time getting into character with fake mustaches and other funny props. Of course, no slumber party is complete without loads of snacks, so gear up with mustache cookies and other treats in mustache shapes.

Wedding Photo Booth

Everyone loves posing for photos at a wedding reception. Give the guests a little extra laugh with great mustache props in your photo booth. Men and women alike will love goofing around with mustache stick props, adhesive mustaches, mustache glasses and more. Create your own party hashtag to share the mustache photo fun on your social sites! So I mustache you a question…how will you use the mustache theme at your event? From craft parties to baby boy showers, celebrate your mustache love with mustache-themed party decoration ideas and party.

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