Keep Hardwood Shining in the Glaring Sunshine!

Summer is here and while you’ll be glad of the brightness of sunshine after the dull chill, your hardwood floor may be having a tough time now! Just like your skin, the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun is harmful for your hardwood floor as well. They do get bleached and even their colour and shade get impacted due to the harshness of the sunlight. But you just can’t let your expensive and glamorous flooring go dull because of the sun. There are ways to maintain its beauty during the summer too.

Caring Tips for Hardwood Floor During Summer!

Your hardwood floor is a great and wise flooring investment if you are looking for an aesthetic and durable option for your home. It stays intact for decades and just needs good polishing and sanding to be done by Native Grain Flooring for flooring in Wellington, NZ. They’ll bring the lost gleam and charm back to your hardwood floor through their sanding and polishing services. And after that, you just have to take proper precautions to care for them each season. And for summer, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to maintain your hardwood floor better:

  • Install Awnings — Awnings during summer are a great way to block the direct sunlight entering your home. Not only this, but they also provide a fantastic aesthetic addition to your home as well. Ensure to choose the one that blocks maximum sunlight that may fall on your floor and thus your hardwood surface remains undamaged from the sun and its sharp glare and stays beautiful for long.
  • Apply Window Film — Window films are a great option to protect your home from the direct glare of sunlight. From the various varieties available, choose the one that protects from intense sun damage and the harsh effect of UV rays, etc. This would definitely provide maximum protection from sunlight’s effects on your floor.
  • Adequate window coverings — Another easier and quick way to get maximum protection from sun damage on your hardwood floor is getting good window coverings. Just change your lighter curtains for thicker ones. And if these are of darker shade, then too you’ll be protecting your floor from bleached. (But remember the sunlight can bleach your dark coloured curtains too – or add a lining to your curtain).
  • Carpets and Rugs Protection — You can keep your hardwood floor protected by using rugs and carpets too. You should place them in front of your windows where the sunlight falls the maximum. These thick rugs and carpets in such areas prevent the sun bleach and your hardwood floor remains intact even during the summer.
  • Upgrade your Windows — If your window isn’t ready for the summer, it’s time to upgrade it. You can change the shades of glass and prefer the darker ones. There’s also a chance of changing the window to laminates and e-coated glasses which filter around 99% UV rays from entering your home and thus don’t impact the interiors and wooden floor much.

Hardwood floors deserve to look elegant and extraordinary because these are the classiest of the flooring options available. Never let the summer heat steal the elegance from it. Just follow the above instructions and have a gleaming and shining hardwood floor in your home for years.

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