Low-tech Activities Your Children Will Love

Rainy days can put a damper on your child’s activities and keep his energy bottled up. Energy that isn’t expended will make children more temperamental and increase the likelihood of bad behavior. It seems the easiest solution for parents is to pacify their child’s energy with increased screen time — in front of the television, on a tablet, or on the computer — on days where they’re confined inside. Stray away from this habit and find some engaging indoor activities that will allow the expression of your child’s creativity and exertion of energy, while helping to pass the time. Here are some low-tech activities your children will enjoy on a rainy day:

Bake Something

Entice your child into a baking activity with the reward of a tasty treat. One of the most engaging baking projects are sugar cookies, as they let your little one express his creativity. If you don’t have cookie cutters, use a mason jar lid or a drinking glass. You can also let your child cut out his own experimental shape like a flower or dinosaur. Other fun baking projects include cupcakes and cake pops. The bumblebee cake pops at Candiquik, for example, are cute culinary delights that your kids will love.

Make Jewelry

Jewelry is a fun craft for all ages. You can create braided bracelets with excess string you have around your home. Look in your gift wrapping box for colorful string or ribbon that you can use. For design ideas, the Friendship-Bracelets.net offers a number of tutorials that range in difficulty. There are at least a dozen video tutorials that are for beginners. If you have any flowers in the house, you can make floral friendship bracelets. This bracelet craft requires minimal materials — ribbon, super glue, safety pins and flowers. The blog, Oh Joy, has a thorough tutorial on how you can construct one of these beautiful bracelets.

Play Indoor Games

Board games are a go-to on a rainy day. However, your child may have become tired of your family’s collection of games. Create your own treasure hunt that will provide incentive for your kid’s participation. Look up some example questions and clues that parents have found success with — My Kids Adventures has a very helpful guide. You and your kids can also create your own double puzzle with a puzzle generator on Busy Teacher. Print out a puzzle where your kids must unscramble clue words and use the letters from the clue words as a decoding tool for the final word or phrase.

Make A Video

As children grow, they become curious about their identity, capabilities and appearance. Help them feel comfortable in their own skin and exercise creativity with a video. First, decide which genre of video your child is interested in. You could create a dramatic, horror, comical, or musical storyline. Sit down and discuss the various scenes and the order in which they’ll come into play. Talk about the dialogue, action and setting of what you plan to film. This project will enhance your child’s storytelling and organization capabilities, as well as provide a day-long activity. Once you’ve filmed everything, use film editing software so you can give it the Hollywood touch of music accompaniment and a credit roll.

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