Paper Craft How To Make A Paper Mache Bowl

There are so many crafts the kids can do during the fall and winter.  But what crafts do your kids think are the most fun? Crafts that are messy, sticky, and gooey! So, this year we made a bowl for our dinner table.

How To Make A Paper Mache Bowl


  • Newspaper ripped into strips
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • Water


  • Crepe leaves
  • Silk leaves
  • Ribbon
  • Balloon
  • Glue

I used fall colors for this but you can use green, holly silks, green crepe, red ribbon for Christmas; blues for Hanukkah, pinks and reds Valentine’s Day, etc.

The girls are ready …


1. Make your paper mache by mixing flour, salt, and half a cup of water. It should be the consistancy of runny yogurt, adjust as needed.
2. Blow up the balloon and put it in a bowl upside down.
3. Have the kids dip the newspaper into the bowl of paper mache and scrape some of the excess goop off (it is wet messy and they love it). My girls say “eww,” smile, and giggle the whole time.
4. Add moistened newspaper strips to the balloon about 3/4 of the way up your balloon.
5. Let it dry or almost dry. We found these crepe leaves at the dollar store, I love using party streamers with all their pretty designs. Use any paper you like.
6. While I held the balloon, the girls glued the leaves to to our paper mache balloon. We took turns with the orange and the yellow leaves.

7. Keep going until the newspaper isn’t visible anymore and let dry for a bit, not long.
8. Next, the girls added the silk leaves around the edge of our future bowl.
9. The last thing we added for decoration was ribbon. We did this to tie it into the fall collage we made before.

10. Now, let it dry.
11. Once it is dry, pull and stretch the tied area of the balloon and poke it with a small whole and it will deflate slowly.

12. Now, it is time to flatten the bowl a little so it will sit pretty for you. Just add a tablespoon of water, roll it around and dump it out.

13. Sit the bowl down and press just till it flattens a bit. We just want to keep it from rolling off the table.
14. You can hot glue some material inside the bowl, but we decided to add tin foil.

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