Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Every holiday is a reason for us to make cupcakes or cookies and St. Pattys Day is no exception. This year the kids and I began brain storming on cup cake ideas.. The four leaf clover was one of the first ideas next to rainbows, gold coins and Leprechaun hats. The kids were still pretty excited about last year’s Pot of Gold cake. so it was decided we should do something similar with cup cakes. Here is how to make their favorite idea…

We tried not to over fill the cupcake so the top would be smooth.

Next was to make the grass layer, there is no perfect way to do it. I find the less symmetrical the more natural it looks. The kids tried letting it just drop on the cup cake, I tried elongated strips and some shapes. They all looked delicious. With the pot I wanted to get it as dark as possible. Black is usually a mix of all the colors and many times looks more purple. Ours is more gray.

I know it looks like a blob right now, but it will come to life. Add yellow dots in the center and down the side to look like the coins are over flowing. I had little gold sugar crystals you can purchase next to the cake supplies at the store. Add just a bit of those to those to make your pot of gold glisten.

The kids had a lot of fun making these cupcakes, we made these with supplies I had on hand, but you can even go a step further and use fondant or ice cream cones for your pot of gold. There are so many more ideas…

1. Separate your white cake mix into 4-6 bowls and add dye to represent each color in the rainbow.

2. Dye your cake mix green for clovers or leprechaun hats.

3. Add different colored gel dye to your tubing bag, add white frosting and frost a rain bow on your cupcakes.