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Start the new year off right with Progresso !

Progresso thinks we deserve to be rewarded and are celebrating their Light and 100 Calorie Soups by sending three lucky gals to New York City for a full make over. I want a make over and a trip to New York so I entered the “Souper You Debut” contest.  It was easy and here is all I did ouperYouTold Progresso why I love Progresso Light or 100 Calorie Soups and why I would like a makeoverSubmitted a photo

Sounds easy enough…  check back often because after they pick 10 finalists,SouperYou and vote for our favorite contestant from March 29 through April 12.So what’s all this about light and low calorie soups and a Blog Giveaway?

Progresso sent me this huge package just so I could review and tell you about all the great things going on.  I think it’s going to be helpful in my efforts to lose weight.  Why? Well, I am a busy Mom and trying to prepare meals that fit my weight loss plans and make meals for my family is time consuming and a hassle.The “light” cans have the Weight Watchers points listed right on them.   Should I decide to go that route, it will be very convenient.There is such a huge variety of tasty, filling flavors; I’ll never get bored.  No really, I can handle only so much of one thing, I need variety to keep things motivating.

I have always been a fan of Progresso.  I love the prices and flavors, but I got a little extra excited to see these two flavors:   Zesty Santa Fe Style Chicken and Zesty Santa Fe Style Vegetable.  My favorite food is Mexican Food and this is such a no no now that I am trying to lose weight.

When my package came in and I could see the words “Zesty Southwestern-Style” I was more than happy to open up a can right than and there (it was lunch time). Right when I opened the can I could smell the Zesty.  The spices, beans and tomatoes reminded me of Enchiladas.  The flavors were right on and the soup was filling. To see what other flavors Progresso has to offer, visit here. Don’t want to wait to try it, get coupons here. Would you like to win a gift pack that contains a mug, jump rope and two cans of Progresso Soup?  Well here is how to enter (only #1 is necessary):Comment telling what’s your favorite Progresso soup flavor or which one would you like to try.

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