Rustic Elegance When Country Charm Meets Contemporary Design

If you’re looking for a new way to update your home, there are many ways to accomplish your goal. You could update with a clean and contemporary look or you could go with a classic rustic one. Regardless of the outcome, here’s how to makeover your home and do it with style.

Rough-Hewn Exposed Beams

Exposed beams are not only romantic, they’re amazingly beautiful to look at. They add a strong element in many rustic homes, and the beams in a bedroom will create a luxurious, yet rustic, feel. Now, these beams are almost never support beams because they’re often distressed, weathered, and uneven. They’re visual elements, which are left exposed over drywall or other finishing materials. Sometimes, they are stained but, more often than not, they’re left alone.

Stone Walls

Natural stone walls are amazing, and they’re key elements of almost any rustic design. Stone walls are a symbol of strength and security, and they can add character to a home. Accent pieces like an old-world ornate chandelier or a mural hanging on the wall, a column or pillar, and a distressed farmhouse dining room table will pull the room together. Use stone in the bathroom, the dining room, or outside on the patio. Don’t be afraid to experiment with stone flooring either.

Elements Of Wood

Add in elements of wood, like wood paneled ceilings, flooring, support beams, and you’ve got yourself an amazing decor. Take an old table, and spruce it up with these folding table legs. Refinish old wooden furniture and bring it into the home.

Earthy Colors

Earth tones are making a comeback. While it’s true that they are, mostly, muted colors, they are also sophisticated colors and give the home a very warm feeling. Use them liberally throughout the house. Darker reds and browns, deep greens, and off-whites add a rustic feel and charm to your home and make it more inviting. If you’re nervous about committing to earth tones completely, offset them with accent colors like vibrant shades of red or green, blue, and even yellow. Accented trim can pop if the surrounding color is muted. Or, use accent walls to break up your earth-toned house. These types of color schemes tend to work well in bathrooms and kitchens, which most people view as being bright, open, and vibrant spaces.

Weathered Materials

This takes the cake. Everyone loves the weathered look, and it can still look somewhat clean and contemporary. Here’s how it’s done: You can buy weathered items new, but you can also bring in old items from torn-down barns or other buildings. Wide plank flooring is another option that will set the stage for an amazing space. If the wood or furniture, or walls, don’t have enough of a distressed look, you can add it by hand-scraping the material and roughing it up a bit. This works well with dressers, countertops, floors, and cabinets. It also works well on some types of walls – real wood panels (not paneling) and some types of natural stone.

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