Why Should You Not Skip Home Inspection?

Buying a home is an expensive affair. Once a contract is set, bills just start piling up and your bank balance starts deflating. Unsurprisingly, buyers may be tempted to skip on as many bills as possible, including a home inspection. However, any experienced realtor will tell you just how important getting your potential home inspected is. If that doesn’t convince you, here are reasons that will.

Deal breakers and an “out”

Once a buyer has offered to buy a house, it is a verbal contract. Now, you have only one chance to get out of the purchase: finding a deal-breaker. For buyers in NJ home inspections are where they will learn all the problems in the house and how much they will need to spend to fix them.

Safety and Protection

Home inspections bring to light any safety issues and health concerns like carbon monoxide, mold, and radon. Moreover, a quality inspector will be able to point out if a foreclosed property is missing any essential part like plumbing or compressors. Knowing this will help you prevent any unwanted accidents with you and your family.

Spot illegal additions

Some homeowners make some additions to their house without legal permission or that are illegal according to housing laws. When you buy a house with such additions, you may have difficulty in getting the place insured. A home inspection allows you to spot these illegal parts before you spend thousands on the purchase.

Gives you a negotiation tool

If the expenses of buying a home and making the associated repairs bother you, negotiate with the seller for the same. A home inspection helps you do just that. Once an inspector finds significant but costly repairs in the house, you can discuss with the seller, have them do it for you, and save money.

A peek into the future

Aside from telling you about what is wrong with a house, home inspections give you an idea of what repairs you may have to do in the future. It will also tell you how long you can get away with not repairing something. Having this knowledge will allow you to set a budget accordingly.

Learning house maintenance

When you attend the home inspection with the inspector, you will get some useful tips on how to avoid making the mistakes your seller did in your new house. Therefore, you learn how to maintain your house and its systems for a long time.


A home inspection is the best way to go beyond the façade of a house and know what you are buying. Furthermore, it paves the way for getting home insurance with ease because you will have all the necessary certificates. In a nutshell, a home inspection is a step you cannot miss when buying a house.