Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom

Creating a room for a newborn baby is always fun, simply because it’s a first. You get to pick out a crib, choose a colour for the walls, and decorate the room with all those adorable baby accessories. But, for the most part, babies’ rooms are all similar. It’s when your child grows up a few more years that you can really get creative cool designs and have some fun upgrading his or her room. So here are 10 fun tips on how to upgrade your toddler’s room!

Pick Out Wallpaper

Instead of just picking an interesting colour, consider themed wallpaper for your child’s room. Visit Photo Wall for a number of fun options, from animal themes, to popular cartoons, etc.

Find Favourite Toys

Naturally, toys are a major part of a child’s room. Pay attention to your child’s developing taste in toys, and add to the room accordingly!

Organize A “Desk”

Children love to be creative, so a small, child-sized desk, perhaps equipped with crayons, paper, and other art supplies, can be a great addition.

Flood The Room With Stuffed Animals

Kids can never have too many stuffed animals. They’re both toys and company for young kids, which means you should go ahead and load up the room!

Don’t Ignore The Ceiling

The ceiling can be a source of decorations also. Whether it’s more wallpaper, hanging decorations, or glow in the dark designs and constellations, the ceiling can become thrilling to a young child.

Upgrade The Bed

Once it’s time to get rid of the crib, you might want to treat your child with a themed bed. Visit Dreams Beds for a look at a number of beds shaped and designed to delight your children.

Build A Secret Room

It could be an addition to the closet, or an entirely separate structure – but consider giving your child something of an indoor clubhouse within his or her room. A child’s imagination can run wild with this kind of little secret room!

Hang A Message Board

A simple chalkboard on the outside of a child’s room can be great fun. He or she can write messages (which is good writing practice for young kids anyway) to the rest of the family.

Find Fun Night Lights

Don’t settle for a simple little flash bulb night light. Instead, opt for fun, toy-like night lights that can not only keep the room from being pitch black at night, but provide additional comfort to a child uneasy with the dark.

Cushion The Floor

Kids like to play on the floor, so why not cushion it with some fun kids’ furniture? Visit Beautiful Beanbags for a look at a number of cushioned, playful options for soft and flexible floor furniture that can make the room a comfortable environment.

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