Three Rug Cleaning Tips Straight From The Experts

Having antique rugs and crafted carpets in the house is a luxury. Not everyone understands the value of these ancient art pieces and not all can tell the difference between an original and a copy. But the bigger question is, can we manage to maintain these rugs in a good shape after purchasing them? Homeowners pay humongous rates to acquire ancient and antique rugs to lay them at their living rooms just to enjoy that royal feeling, but the pain of maintaining these rugs is immense. You cannot wash them easily, you cannot throw them in the washing machine. Hence, read on to know how you can keep your rigs clean and fresh until longer times.

Rug Cleaning Tips


Cleaning and keeping things neat is like a financed loan, you have to keep paying in installments to avoid major chunks. You need to Clean Rugs Regularly, to clean them less. This is confusing but it can be easy. See, if you make a habit of vacuuming the rugs and carpets of the house once in a week, then they will not get dirty more often. This way, you can get away with the expensive supplies used for cleaning rugs. Moreover, vacuuming doesn’t cost you a penny nor does it asks for any additional time. This makes it a must-do task.

Damage Control

Next comes damage control which tells you to take care of any spillages or liquid discharge on a rug immediately. Let’s face it, you have installed an antique rug and you can’t help it but throw a show of it to the friends of yours. Now, by mistake, when any of those friends spill a glass of cold drink on that rug, you don’t have to get angry on that person first but you have to clean the rug instantly. This is what experts of rug cleaning in Edinburgh suggest, this is how you handle a piece of antique. And this is the ideal way to keep a valuable that way.


If you are a pet owner, then you have to choose the rug accordingly. If you are an ardent antique rug lover and can’t live without those high-quality rugs and carpets, then you have to find a way to keep your pets away from the rug since your dog doesn’t know how costly that piece of antique is and it will chew it or tear it apart. What’s more concerning is that you won’t even spot those bite marks if your rug is dark-colored. Hence, choose light colors in rugs if you have pets in the house to spot any chew marks. 

Buying and maintaining a rug is a job asking for alertness and delicacy, make sure you achieve these traits so that your rugs give you long-term pleasures.