Top Reasons Why Your Basement Might Leak In The Winters

There’s nothing worse than your holiday plans getting destroyed only because of a flooded basement. No homeowner in their right minds would like to spend a good holiday trying to mop up water inside a leaky basement, instead of spending time with loved ones. Moreover, the overall costly repairs are bound to get bothersome and costly, disrupting your entire plans for the winter. 

When we think of typical flooding or leaking, we think of times during monsoon. However, these incidents can occur all year round. A leaking basement is quite common in the winter due to snow melting and ice storms. Therefore, it’s important to know the reasons for which your basement might leak in the winters so that you can take prevention with the help of waterproofing in Auckland services. 

Reasons Your Basement Might Leak In The Winters

  • Basements Radiate Heat And Melt Snow

While the outside of your basement might be freezing, the temperature inside of your basement will be significantly warmer. This will cause your basement to radiate heat and typically basements radiate up to eight-inches outside of the basement walls. 

The radiant heat that is entering the ground causes the surrounding frozen snow to melt. As a result, there will be a build-up of moisture and when the moisture will not have any other place to go, it starts to seep into the basement and thus the basement gets flooded. 

  • Wrong Type Of Soil Surrounding The Basement

The soil that is surrounding your basement plays a massive role when it comes to dealing with leaks. The correct type of soil with the right irrigation will help the standing water that comes from the melted snow to drain properly. On the other hand, if you have the wrong type of soil along with an improper drainage system, then it can constrict the moisture to a specific place and thereby lead to basement flooding. 

In case the soil around your basement is not good in draining water, it’s recommended that you perform tilling of the soil and then top-up the soil with small stones – to prevent erosion and improve the water drainage

  • Your Surroundings Are Not Slopped Properly

It doesn’t matter on what type of landscape your home was built upon because the soil surrounding your house foundation should always slope away from the home. One of the most common problems when it comes to basement leaks is the improper drainage system.

Having a sloped surrounding will help in guiding the water away from your foundation, rather than pooling at the base of your house. And the fewer drainage problems you’ll face, the less leakage will also occur. Ensure that there is a clean down-path for the water to follow away from the foundation.