Trusted tips to help your child learn writing!

The first marks, those scribbling done by your baby on a paper or a wall is such a joyous thing to behold! Though you dread the new patch on your clean home, still the scribblings are a source of pride for any parent. And it’s through these lines and dots that your child eventually learns to write essays and stories. But since the beginning is the toughest, it’s crucial!

Just like everything else, your child is dependent on you for learning writing too. And that’s a duty all the parents love to fulfil. But let us remind you, no two children are alike and even if your elder child learnt writing and drawing faster, don’t expect the same from your younger one too. They are still just babies. Let them take their own time and write according to their pace. Yes, you can enrol them in the best preschool in Auckland, Blooming Buds helps them learn writing (apart from other skills alongside) easily, efficiently and better under the guidance of loving and caring teachers.

Essential tips that can help your child learn writing easily!

Apart from the magical kids out of the fantasy world, no other child starts to write suddenly one fine day! It involves some basic steps and stages to cover in order to let them know what writing actually is and how it’s done. Read below some such tips that could help your kid to write better but slowly. (Never hurry for this phase in your child’s life!)

Let them hold properly — The baby’s muscles and fingers are still very soft and vulnerable. They may not be able to hold everything really tightly. But they know how to close the fist and clasp anything. That’s where they learn to hold a chalk. Let them hold it and try guiding them to scribble with it on a board and paper. After some weeks, when your child is comfortable with the chalks, let them go for thick crayons and teach them to press the same in all directions to doodle.

Start with circular motions — Kids are crazy about balls and balloons. Call it the natural tendency to attract circular objects because of our eyeballs. That’s why they’ll even learn to create circular shapes faster. Let them scribble in the same motion and then grow beyond it gradually.

Colouring books — Colouring is the most enjoyable activity for kids and an essential step in their learning to write process. Let them start with colouring randomly inside the shapes and then teach the importance of staying inside the boundaries. This outlining process guides them into drawing shapes eventually.

Gripping pencils — Now, when the kids are well acquainted with the colours, they can now start holding the pencil and use it. But gripping it firmly may take some time. Since pencil is a bit harder and narrow, your child may make it slip frequently. But if you are patient with them, they’ll start holding it better soon.

Tracing — Now comes the next step towards advanced writing. It’s tracing of shapes that you draw for them. Let this process take a good amount of time so that they learn better while imitating the traces.

Alphabets, words and sentences — Now that your kid has been trained to create different shapes with pencil and colours, introduce them to alphabets, numbers, words and sentences gradually.

This step by step guide is really helpful to teach kids how to write in the most systematic way. Of course, your preschool teachers would be accompanying you both on the journey, and this makes the process all the more easier for the kid.

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