Twilight Party Ideas

My daughter is a huge Twilight fan.  She has red all the books and is eagerly awaiting the movies. So we decided her 13th birthday party would need to a Twilight Themed birthday party.

There wasn’t a single “Twilight Themed” party item in the stores, so we had to be creative while keeping it age appropriate.  The only thing I bought was posters.  Then it was off to the Dollar Store.To make the party like this one here are the supplies you will need:

2pk Red Streamers
2 Red Candles
2 bags of glass beads
2 round vases
1pk red tinsel
2 red candle votives
black paper plates
2 pks red cups
red & white table cloth
Black utensils

First we wanted the fireplace lit but needed it to be safe.  There was an adult assigned to keep that area safe.  On the  mantel i added the red votives with a just a couple of strands of red streamers.In the dinning area, which is the birthday cake and gift area, we placed all the twilight posters up and framed them with streamers and balloons.This party was a big success, I think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids did. The punch I made was dubbed “vampire juice” by the kids, they are so silly.  Another great idea courtesy of my Sister, Elaine was the purchase of fake teeth.  The kids and some adults got a big kick out of that.  I didn’t like it as much because the younger ones kept forgetting which ones were theirs.  yuck.My daughter received a couple books “twilight” and “eclipse” among a lot of other great things. She was in hog heaven.  Birthday girl is normally my photography assistant so of course in my haste to get it going, I didn’t get a chance to take more pics. These pics are after the party goers left.

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