UberEats Clone App – Top-notch Perks That Your Business Enjoys Building On-Demand Food Delivery App

The COVID pandemic has left businesses stranded. Out of all, restaurants/hotel businesses are the worst hit. The governments of the countries have ruled out the dine-in option to prevent the spread of the virus. To keep the ball rolling, the food industry was left out with a choice. A choice to develop an on-demand food delivery app. A prominent brand like UberEats has tasted huge success, efficiently providing their customer with favourite meals from their preferred restaurants. Regardless of the COVID situation, the on-demand app was working 24/7/365 days ensuring that their customers enjoy the meals from the comforts of the home.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand and grow your restaurant business or you are aiming to capitalize on an app like UberEats, you are on the right page. The blog provides you why developing an UberEats clone app for a food delivery business can be profitable.

The Motive To Develop UberEats Clone App

The restaurant world is messed up – with 55% of the restaurant owners are finding it difficult to cope up in this pandemic time. And 68% are planning to raise the price of the menu to balance the expenditure. 

Now that some facts that can’t be ignored.

The world-wide lockdown has made the situation worse as small restaurants were forced to shut down completely, as they were not able to manage:

  • Labor expenditure
  • Rent
  • Overhead costs
  • Inventory cost
  • Maintenance expenses

Compared to the traditional restaurants, an app like UberEats won the food delivery industry because:

  • There was no rent to worry
  • It requires fewer resources as most of the tasks are performed online and the app automates
  • No need for hiring waiters and servers thus minimizes the cost
  • The UberEats clone is a one-time maintenance cost

Why Develop UberEats Clone App For Delivery Business?

If you are still pondering over whether to develop an app like UberEats, we give you ample reasons why this app can help scale your business to the next level.

Wider customer reach

The Corona Pandemic witnessed lockdowns globally, forcing restaurants and other hospitality businesses to close down. The demand to eat restaurant food is still high and growing; developing an UberEats clone app can reach a wider customer base.  Customers love using the on-demand food delivery app to satisfy their appetite from the comforts of their home.

Removes the logistics headaches

You no more have to worry about getting deliveries done. The hassles of hiring the riders/drivers as well as renting the vehicles are eliminated. Partnering with the third party delivery service providers can take up from there. The added cost of handling deliveries is removed from your accounting books.

Reduces errors and increase efficiency

The traditional way of calling and giving orders on the phone is still preferable but, chances of errors, orders mixing up, or entirely forgetting the items to include in the order are common. UberEats clone app eliminates these errors as the user will be adding the items in the cart and checking out. Thus, there are no goof-ups and apologizing over the mistakes.

Earn more

You can charge a commission on every food delivery order when placed. Also, you can set the higher /lower percentage depending on the demand of the food orders. Apart from this, you can charge a small one-time fee from the restaurants that come on-board to list. Additionally, you can earn from affiliated marketing, promoting new featured restaurants, etc.

Boosts your page rankings

Once your UberEats clone app starts recognizing, you will witness the demand increasing, thus there will be more downloads and more orders. But, the best part is it boosts the page ranking organically on Google. It builds brand awareness making you an established on-demand food delivery service app.


Building an UberEats clone app for food delivery business not only helps you as an appraiser but also boosts revenue for the foodservice providers and delivery drivers as well while satisfying your customer’s food craving anytime, anywhere. Those businesses that have suffered have been able to recover by developing ubereats clone app or by getting listed on the app. They have seen their revenue sky-rocketing and now that we have provided you ample reasons, all you need to do is connect with a mobile app development company. 

Make sure you choose a white-label app company with experience of developing at least 1000+ on-demand in various segments. Talk to the team and get the demo done before you purchase the UberEats clone app.