Why Should You Waterproof Your House?

Water seepage and dampness can seriously harm both the building as well as the materials within. At worst, there can be serious health and safety issues. If you live someplace that is prone to water damage due to rain or flooding, investing in proper waterproofing measures is a wise decision. 

  • Waterproofing can protect from flooding. A small leak can turn into a flood in a matter of minutes. Foundation cracks that are invisible to the naked eye in various places can be protected by water-resistant sealant, or by diverting groundwater by a properly functioning drainage system can save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent later on repairing the damage. 
  • Spalling (chipping of concrete on the surface) and acid damage can also result from moisture. Structures made of wood can start rotting and can cause collapsing of walls and sagging of floors. Waterproofing can therefore prevent property damage.
  • A hot and humid environment will result in mold and mildew which can be seriously detrimental to health, causing issues like respiratory and eye infections, skin irritation, and other breathing problems. It takes as little as 24 hours for mold to start growing after water damage, is almost impossible to detect by eyes and it thrives in damp, dark environments. Humid places can also become hotspots for dust mites that cause allergies and other infections. 
  • Waterproofing will also help you save on electricity. Humid air costs more to cool in summer whereas, in winters, cracks in walls and foundation will let in cold air making it difficult to heat the place. 
  • Water seepage and dampness result in moist soil, which is bad news for the structural integrity of your house. The dampness will affect the joints and edges where the walls meet the floor which can result in bowed walls and foundation cracks. Over time, these problems aren’t just going to give rise to costly repairs but also become a safety concern for the occupants of the house. 
  • Waterproofing will help you save on the cost of the insurance claim, as about one-fifth of all insurance claims are a result of water damage (rotten wood, cracks, flooding, etc). 
  • Additionally, waterproofing will increase the property value since it will make renovation and furnishing easier. The added protection will reduce maintenance costs in the future. All this will make the home more attractive to potential buyers. 

Water damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It can have adverse effects on the health of the building as well as that of the occupants. It can also be heavy on the pocket as the subsequent repairs can be significantly expensive. Are you looking for waterproofing services – Visit Waterproofing Sydney