How To Make A Precious Photo Book With Your Baby

Every parent realizes just how quickly babies seem to grow, going from sweet newborns to walking and talking toddlers in the blink of an eye. You will want to take as many photos of your baby as possible while you can get them to sit still—soon enough, you will be too busy chasing them around the house. Here is exactly how you can take precious photos of your beautiful baby and put together a photo book to cherish forever.

How To Make A Precious Photo Book With Your Baby

The first thing you should do is plan your photo shoot using a digital camera—if your smartphone has a high-quality built-in camera, you can always use it as a substitute. There are a number of creative baby photoshoot ideas that you can try, depending on your photography skills, photo-editing abilities, and patience. For a simple but fun photoshoot, you can put a colorful blanket flat on the ground and place your baby on top of it—the blanket then becomes your backdrop, where you can add props and crafty decorations. If you feel like that will take too much effort or time to put together, take some lovely black and white pictures.

How To Make A Precious Photo Book With Your Baby

After you have finished taking pictures of your little one, you should have them arranged and printed in a sleek photo book. You don’t have to head over to an expensive photography studio, you can quickly go to the website photoroost to put the photo book together. The user-friendly software allows you to drag and drop your digital files into the website, organize them in the order and format that you want, and then design the backgrounds and layout. The website can help you create a memory book of photos and have a bright and glossy printed copy sent right to your front doorstep — it takes an average of three to five shipping days to reach addresses in Canada and the United States.

To be sure that everything goes by smoothly, you should follow these tips for taking baby pictures and your photoshoot will go by without any big problems or minor hiccups:

  • One excellent tip for taking baby photos is to have music and toys on hand in order to distract or entertain your baby— this is especially helpful if you want them to smile, laugh or clap.
  • Be sure that your baby is comfortable before starting the photoshoot—this means that they are fed, have had their diaper changed and have slept well.
  • Many parents have an easier time photographing their babies when they are sleeping, so put them in a clean outfit before their nap and snap some pictures while they are dozing.
  • If your baby is fussy for most of the day, postpone the photo shoot for another time—if you try to force it to happen, you will both have a bad experience.  

Before you know it, your bouncing baby will be a toddler climbing out of their crib and running around the whole house. With the help of a camera and a savvy website, you can capture this precious and all-too-short time in your child’s life.

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