The Unique Marketing Message Imbibed by Architecture Christmas Cards

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Easy Stuffed Manicotti Recipe

We love the flavors of spaghetti around here so much that it is on the menu weekly, but it can get old. That is when I decided to add some different texture but similar flavors to this Easy Stuffed Manicotti Recipe.

Easy Stuffed Manicotti Recipe.

Really this is easy and delicious… We aren’t big on ricotta here that is why we substituted mozzarella and fontina.

My Family's Favorite Taco Recipe: Potato Tacos

Taco dinners are pretty much a staple here at Casa De Young, when all else looks bleak on the menu we turn to tacos.  I learned early on tacos are super versatile.  You can make an elaborate taco dinner with all homemade fixings, you can make an easy meal with the help of ready-made products or you can get a nice mixture of both depending on the time you have.
Here is how to make my Potato Tacos

Usually, dinner time for a family as large as ours is a hectic one.  All the kids are starving asking for food when all I want to do is get cooking.  I could make a simple little taco dinner, but I want one that will satisfy their hunger and buy me a couple of hours before they come back hungry again.   So here is the taco dinner I usually make for our family, it is still Mexican Made Easy but it is a little more rib-sticking.

How to Make Homemade Tomato Soup from the Garden with your Crock pot

A lunch that will make my kids’ faces light up is tomato soup. They are even more excited while the garden is full of tomatoes. Homemade tomato soup is hard to beat, but make it in a slow cooker, they will be ready and politely waiting at the table.

I use to make the kids’ tomato soup from the can all the time, it was good. But since I made it fresh, the kids don’t want it any other way, with luck I have a good tomato harvest this year. Here is how I made Fresh Homemade Tomato Soup in my slow cooker.
My tomatoes are smaller than most. So if you have larger tomatoes or are using more, I would suggest going longer than suggested and possibly using an emulsifier to smooth out any chunky pieces left behind. (Thank you, Jamie, for bringing that important detail to my attention)