3 popular ways to clean your carpet

While you are busy choosing the right carpet cleaning professional or company for your home or workspace, it is equally important to know all the popular ways of carpet cleaning used by experienced carpet cleaners. Listed below are the three most popular carpet cleaning types available in the market:

Hot Water Extraction Method

One of the most popular and effective ways to clean your carpet is by following hot water extraction cleaning methods. This type of carpet cleaning is used by almost every carpet cleaners in Auckland and is also commonly known as steam cleaning. In this cleaning method, experts make use of high-pressure hot water on the carpet to stir and vibrate the fibres and dissolve the dirt present in the carpet.

This method may sound very simple to you, but involves a lot of complex processes. The three most important steps are the use of a cleaning agent along with dissolvent on the surface of the carpet, followed by brushing and ending with rising the carpet thoroughly with hot water or steam. 

The final step to this approach is leaving the carpet to dry in a normal room or air-conditioned temperature. The time taken to clean a carpet of 3000 sq ft is typically 2 hours, followed by 8-10 hours of drying. 

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Bonnet cleaning is also one of the most advanced and popular ways to clean a carpet as it involves the use of a high-powered cleaning machine. This method produces striking results as the heavy-duty motorized machine has a spinning pad that is pre-lined with cleaning solvents to ingest dirt from the surface of the carpet.

This approach is quite popular in commercial places like hotels as it helps to quickly clean the carpet without the use of much moisture and hence can quickly dry without inconveniencing the hotel guests.

The only disadvantage in using this approach is that it does not deep clean carpets. So, the dust and dirt residing in the inner layers of the carpet will start emerging in due time.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

The use of the latest cleaning technology along with cleaning compounds and powders has made dry cleaning one of the quickest methods to clean the carpet. This method was first put to use somewhere in the 1980s and since then it has gained tremendous popularity and approvals from leading carpet manufacturing companies due to its cleaning effectiveness and convenience. 

In this method, carpets are cleaned by the application of cleaning compounds or cleaning powders into the bottom hidden layers of the carpet using a motorized brush. Being a cleaning technology that is considerably new in the market, people are sometimes skeptical about this approach.