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The Holidays are one of those times when many of us are helping our community, but what about the rest of the year? There are a lot of ways we can help those less fortunate all year long. We try and teach our little ones to help the community around them. Here are 5 ways to give back and how you can help:

Food Drives

Each year our family holds a charity concert where the cost of entry is two cans of food. Many community pantry’s supplies are low throughout the year. Consider donating a bag of non-perishable foods once a month.

Clothing Drives

Since our kids grow like weeds we often donate gently used clothing to second hand stores that whose sales benefit those less fortunate. There are other places where clothes go directly to those in need. Consider keeping a box and fill with clothes the kids grow out of or you no longer wear and donate it once a month.

Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters can use your help in many ways. Food, Clothing, Blankets and your time. We have spent time at our local shelter serving food. There are many families with children who have found themselves without jobs and a home through no fault of their own.

Donate Diapers

It is one thing I have learned after having six babies… There are never enough diapers and it was very stressful when we would get low and I couldn’t afford to buy more yet. There are many shelters for women that can use diapers.

Spare Change

When we hear the bell ringing and see the red kettle, we have the kids donate the spare change I have in my purse. The Salvation Army helps in many ways and every penny counts. These are just a few things we do to help make a difference in our community. Below are ‘Ten Lessons in Living and Giving from Survivors’ to inspire us to give back to your community.  

Medtronic chose nominees who have had serious health complications and challenges. They overcome their hardship but strive through it all. They give back to their community in many ways. Medtronic’s wants is to inspire and encourage everyone to do good and give back to their community, regardless of whether or not they have a medical hardship. Visit The Bakken Invitation website and share your story about how you are making a difference. For every story, $10 will be donated to Project hope.