8 Warning Signs From Above Saying You Need a Roof Repair Immediately!

Whenever a crisis occurs, don’t you always feel how good it would have been if you would have got a message from above about it? Ok, keep aside the spiritual factor for now, but signs from above do work! Especially when we are talking about your roof! It’s one of the vital basic components of a home! The roof above your head protects you from all sorts of dangers and inconveniences that could harm you. And your home wouldn’t be actually a sweet home without a roof or with a broken roof!

Most of us don’t even give our roofs a thought until we are attacked by the invading water leakage and dropping from all sides! And until then, the damage obviously enters your home through the roof area. This means double the expenditure, more hassle and lots of other problems to solve apart from repairing the roof.

Vital signs that your roof would be giving up on you!

It’s not necessary that every time the dripping water from the roof would become an eye opener for you, sometimes you have to climb the ladder and take a look at your property to understand the need of the hour and the urgency of the situation. In both the cases, check for the below mentioned signs which would clearly indicate that you have to contact a Brisbane based  roof repair service like Roof knight, who can repair any kind of damage on your roof and even replace it conveniently if the issue persists.

Spoilt interiors — Like we said above, leaking water is the biggest indicator that your roof has some problems. But, sometimes, you can’t point out at a clear leakage sign. There’s this mould formation on the ceiling which means there’s moisture on that area which is a product of a damaged roof. There’s also these occasional dripping from the roof, that may be unseen, but your wooden furniture or paint easily gets spoiled because of it. So, if you find your interiors getting affected negatively, then better climb up the ladder to take a close look at your roof.

Damaged shingles — If you find your shingles are cracked, broken or even missing, then call for a roof repair immediately. And if the damage has crossed the line of repairing, better replace your roof at the earliest.

Your gutters are full of shingle granules — When you find that your gutters are clogged — not because of leaves or debris, but due to shingle granules, then be alert! You’ll be having double trouble here! One, a dilapidating roof to handle, other, a clogging gutter to clean! This happens when your roof starts collecting moisture in it and always stays wet and consequently starts wearing off.

Wear and tear around roof related objects/fixtures — Often the connections of roof like chimneys, vents, pipes etc. tend to bring along damage with time. You’ll see slight wear around these areas on the roof. If this happens, better repair it the sooner you can so that the problem doesn’t affect your attached connections too.

Garden on the roof? — Mould, algae and other plants happily dwell at any place offering them moisture. As your roof is attached with the gutter, the water overflowing from it can moisturise the rooftop. This, in turn, leads to the formation of a mini garden on your roof which isn’t a good sign at all. Better clear and clean the area before these plantations and the problems grow!

It has been years since you built your roof — If your roof has been standing proudly above your home since decades, then take a closer look at it thoroughly! There may be corners getting worn or even the entire structure getting dilapidated, both of which can be extremely dangerous! Better repair or just replace it entirely to avoid any kind of hazards!

A golden ray of light in the house from above — It you see a peeping light in your home from above, ensure it’s not a a broken or cracked roof. This immediately needs a repair before the crack grows.

Increased utility bills — When you are sure your air conditioner is working, fine but still the cooling provided is lagging, it’s time for a roof check. Also, if there’s an increase in utility bill, check your roof first. There may be leaked corners stressing your air conditioning causing the issues.

If you see all or any of these signs, it’s important to get alert immediately and take the necessary actions! Also, just because a few shingles are giving away, don’t assume you need to replace the entire roof! There are a lot of options for the same — just tackle it wisely with an expert’s advice!