Enjoy More Space With Flexible Furniture Ideas

Home sizes have been getting smaller for the first time in decades. With real estate prices rising and more home buyers entering the real estate market through condos, people are dealing with tighter spaces and making do with less. They’re turning to flexible furniture ideas to get more out of smaller living areas. These three pieces of furniture are going to be must-haves if you’re coping with the smaller square footage.

Enjoy More Space With Flexible Furniture Ideas

#1 Poufs

Poufs are the ultimate in cozy, movable seating. You never have to leave anyone without a seat the next time you host if you use poufs in the living room. While poufs are usually for kicking your feet up, the extra seating comes in handy on all kinds of occasions: whenever you have company over, when the kids bring their friends home to hang out after school, or any time the kids are gathered around the TV to play video games or watch a movie. The great thing about poufs is that you can stack them or cluster them together when they’re not needed.

But soft, cushiony poufs can do more than just add seating. They’re a great way to keep dogs and cats off your sofa by giving them their own perch to hang out on. Drape a blanket or an old throw over top and make an inviting space for them.

Poufs are also an easy way to instantly add personality to your living room with your choice of texture and colors. It’s a fun piece of furniture, so have some fun shopping for new poufs.

#2 Ottomans

Like poufs, ottomans let you stretch out and relax after a long day, but they can also be used for extra seating. The added stability of an ottoman means you can also transform them into an elegant coffee table. Just add an antique wood or metal tray on top and your ottoman becomes the perfect place to set your coffee, tea, and snacks.

Another feature that makes ottomans so flexible is that many are hollow and open at the top or the side to provide storage space. The extra storage space can give you the room you need to store electronics, media, gaming accessories, or anything that’s been lying around your living room with no place to go.

Enjoy More Space With Flexible Furniture Ideas

#3 Folding Chairs

Folding chairs inside? They’re an effective way to add seating to your dining table and they don’t have to ruin your holiday dinner vibe. Folding chairs don’t have to look like they belong on your deck or in an auditorium. Today, there are all kinds of solid wood and upholstered folding chairs that you can tuck away and bring out when you have extra company to put at the dining table. Sometimes folding chairs are just a necessity, especially as housing prices rise and the average house size shrinks. For most homeowners, having room for a 10-seat dining table with matching chairs is no longer attainable.

Furniture like poufs, ottomans, and folding chairs make smaller living spaces adaptable to your life. You don’t have to let your lifestyle be dictated by your home size. Embrace the challenge of making do with smaller spaces.

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Fish Dinner: Tilapia Fish Tacos

You probably know we LOVE tacos here at the Young house.  We have been trying to incorporate more fish dinners into our diet.  So I thought why not Fish Tacos…  Here is a VERY easy recipe….

easy fish tacos

This fish taco recipe is so quick and easy

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How To Cook Meatloaf Without All The Grease

When I was younger meatloaf wasn’t something my brother and I enjoyed. It was made in a bread pan baked nearly covered in its own grease. Times and cooking techniques have changed, now meatloaf is one of our families favorite dishes. Why? Because I learned how to cook meatloaf without all the grease.

how to cook meatloaf without all the grease

Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is nearly here and we are more than happy to start getting creative from fun crafts to colorful Halloween cupcakes like the ones I’m sharing with you today.

Easy Halloween Cupcakes

For the frosting coloring and cake coloring, I used Betty Crocker’s Neon Gel Coloring.  I like using gels because they are older and don’t take near as much as the old dyes.  Try making different colored cake batter and layering.  The kids loved when I did that with these cupcakes.