A Look Into the New Construction Home Inspection Process

New home constructions account for around a third of all houses available for sale. This appeals to many buyers. While new home construction offers many benefits, there are also risks. How can you be sure you will find the perfect home?

New home construction offers many benefits, including convenience, energy efficiency and customizable options. They also require less maintenance. Low maintenance benefits should not be taken as a given. To ensure safety and security in your new home, it is important to have a home inspection in Orlando.

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What is a Home Inspection for New Construction?

A home inspection is when an outside expert inspects your home and checks its structure, systems, as well as other factors that affect its quality. A home inspection report is compiled by the third-party expert. It highlights any issues with construction and other concerns that must be addressed before you can move in. This inspection is essential in order to avoid safety hazards and costly problems later.

Common Issues in New Home Construction

A new home may be of high quality but there are still issues that can occur. This is why inspections of new builds are necessary. Poor quality construction can lead to structural defects like cracking, unstable foundations or inadequate framing.

New homes can have electrical problems, leaks, and plumbing problems. Sometimes homes are even incomplete with parts missing or lack of insulation.

Types of Home Inspection

You can choose from different new-build inspections to make sure your home is ready. If possible, it is best to have all inspections. These include:

  • Inspection of foundation
  • Inspection of the pre-drywall
  • Final inspection
  • Builder warranty inspection for 11 months

These home inspections are for different stages of the building process. To ensure that the foundation is sturdy and long-lasting, it must be inspected immediately after it has been laid.

Your roof and windows will be installed before the pre-drywall inspection. This is to inspect for potential problems that might later become hidden behind walls. Once the building has been completed, the final assessment will be made. The inspectors will determine if your home is compliant with local building codes.

Benefits of a Home Building Inspection

Moving houses is often regarded as one of the most stressful events in life. You can minimize stress and avoid costly problems by making sure your home is safe before moving in. So you can feel confident about moving in, inspectors will know what to look out for to ensure your home meets local quality standards and compliance rules.

Are you ready for your new build inspection?

A new home inspection is vital for many reasons. However, most people ignore them when it comes time to build a home. A home is an expensive investment. Make sure you have a home inspection before you buy. For a reliable report, make sure you choose a trusted home inspector.