Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

Being incredibly busy all of the time goes with the territory of being a mom, which is why many of you are keen to find some quick care and best natural beauty makeup tips that can get you looking the way you want in the amount of time you have available. If you want some cosmetic solutions in order to try and get your figure back to where it was before, you might be searching for breast augmentation Chicago for example, but if you want some beautiful tips to try at home, here are some ideas to consider.

Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

Versatile Spoons

If you are wondering what spoons have to do with beauty tips, you will soon be surprised to discover just how versatile they are for some homemade solutions products to some common issues. Before you go to bed, put a couple of dessert spoons in your freezer. In the morning, the spoons will obviously be nice and cold, which means that you can then use the backs of the spoons to place under your eye, as close to the inner corners as you can.

With a gentle level of pressure, work the spoon from the starting point next to your nose, maintaining a gliding motion with them along the underneath and towards the outer part of your face. This action can be very helpful in draining any fluid that has settled underneath your eyes and giving you some puffiness styles. You can also find some fixes using a spoon that include curling your lashes with the edge of a spoon and applying your mascara on your lower lashes without worrying about marks.

Make That Lipstick Last Longer

As a busy mom, you might not find the time during the day to keep applying your lipstick after the color has worn away. There is a way to make your lip color to last longer, which might seem a bit of a hassle when you first see what is involved, but it doesn’t take long to perfect the technique and it always seems worth it when you see how much longer your lip color lasts. After you have applied your chosen lip color from their brands, lay a tissue over your mouth and then arrange to dust some translucent powder over it, which will set the color.

Another Use For A Toilet Seat Cover

The idea of putting a toilet seat cover anywhere near your face sounds like a bizarre and very unappealing beauty tip, but if you can get over the idea of what it was originally designed for, you could get a quick freshen up on the go. If you want to try and remove any excess oil on your face while you are out and about, toilet seat covers and blotting papers are normally made from the same fabrics, so forget what you are using and pat it over your skin for a quick freshen up.

Getting Your Lashes To Curl With Ease

When you set aside the time to your lashes in the morning, you want that task to be as easy as possible and for those lashes to last as long as possible. The way to achieve both those goals is to heat up your lash curler with your blow dryer. Wait a few moments after to let it cool down slightly but while it is still warm, clamp down on your lashes to curl them. You should find that this trick makes curling your lashes easier and you should also find that the look should last a bit longer too.

The Perfect Cupids Bow

If you want to try and find a way to make the cupids bow part of your pout looks as good as possible, there is a way to get some excellent secrets results and improve the odds of getting it right every time. What you do is take a lip liner that is the same shade as the lipstick you are using, then draw an X at your cupids bow. By drawing an X on your lip first of all, this creates a good guideline and should give you almost perfect results every time.

Hair To Go In Just Five Minutes

Having the time to spend on getting your hair right in the morning is not a luxury that too many moms enjoy, but there are some proven routine shortcuts that help you to get your hair healthy and looking good in just a matter of minutes. There are several tutorials around that show you how to get curls in just five minutes . It shows you how to get awesome curls by simply putting your hair in a ponytail, make some curls with a heat iron and then release, for salon-quality curls at home, that take just five minutes to achieve.