Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Some may say women are hard to shop for but have you tried to find meaningful gifts for men?  While I am pretty sure heappreciates or even needs a pair of socks or a nice tie, I am willing to bet he would rather unwrap something else this Christmas.  You don’t have to break the bank, he may not want gifts that are more expensive.  How about gifts that have more thought put into them,instead of just being grabbed from the “Young ManIsle,”trygifts that are more attuned to his hobbies, his likes, andhis cool style.  Here are some ideas to help you this year.ManIsle,” try gifts that are more attuned to his hobbies, his likes, and his style.  Here are some ideas to help you this year.

Christmas Gifts For Men

Sometimes it is easier to find a gift when you know a person’s hobby or likes.  Consider your Sports Fan. Sports fans are fairly easy to shop for.  If they have 100 t-shirts consider other gear like blankets, jackets, cups, and key chains  just to name a few.  One year we got my husband retirement gift a chess set one side favorite college football team and the other their arch enemy; he was pretty impressed.If you want to step it up consider tickets to live events. Go to the Fan Shop at and choose the league to get some ideas. You can find rare trading cards, classic boardgames, autographed gear, and collectibles.

It’s also a greatplace to find new gear like snowshoes, golf clubs,snowboardshunting gear and fancy backpack/tackle box like contraptions.In our house, my husband is the Grill Master and our son is Grill Master-in-training.   Regardless what level of griller your guy is there are lots of fun things to get him.  Consider all the accessories he may need or need to upgrade like cooking utensils, grill cleaners, or new fan-dangled gadgets.  You can get all those things together or get him that grill he has been eyeballing as the ultimate gift.

Man Cave

Every guy wants a man cave, heck I want a girl cave, but if your guy REALLY likes his, consider getting him gifts geared for it.  A lot may depend on where it is located.  Is the garage his manly domicile?  Consider shelving to help him organize, a rolling tool box, power tools, a work bench, a garage heater or a stereo in there so he can jam.  If it is indoors considered the art of some kind, stools, dart board, etc. Musician or Music Lover. My husband plays, fixes and maintains guitars including the gear to go with it.A musicians gear is personal and many times they are looking for a specific sound or feel.  If you really want them to have gear, try giving them a gift card from your local guitar center.  They can spend they day there trying everything out or get exactly what they need.  Stocking stuffer ideas for these guys would be gift cards, guitar picks, strings, straps, cases, rack cases.