Best Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

Design a bookmark fireplace before building the house, to break the wall then. Heat completely preserved in the house, too, only withadvance tab of the fireplace.This rule, of course, refers to a classic fireplace, which lays on a very long time. They are madespecifically for the foundation, as the entirefinished structure weighs about a ton. Decide on a room forthe fireplace, and if resources permit and have the desire, the fireplaces can be installed in each room  whether it be living room or office, bedroom or dining room. The only necessary condition is that the room was spacious not less thansquare meters) and air, as is always needed for combustion air.From time to time to open windows, otherwise it will be very stuffy. Choose a style that is suitable for your interior and use the services of professionals, then you will have your home.

Fireplace in the house is a symbol of permanence, comfort and reliability. That’s what they want to add to the interior, many owners of country houses. Why, you ask? This is not due to heating. Their choice is obvious. The human eye never tires of looking at the swaying flames. Their kind of soothing, enchanting, warm from the inside, leaving misery, cold and snowy weather in the street becomes a picture outside the window. Due to this fire and it has a remarkable reputation as a necessary part of.

The living room creates a cozy and teplo.Po around the world there are plenty of companies that manufacture fireplaces. Everyone has their own style, and offer a choice cause to wonder what the fireplace harmonious and expressive fit into he interior. According to the principle of all fireplaces, whether big or small, have few differences. Let us consider the scheme of the simplest fireplace. Let’s start with the furnace. The most durable and efficient fireplace brick is laid by hand once and for all. After installing it is nowhere to move. Therefore, to calculate all the necessary space to avoid any misunderstandings. If you want a small and stylish fireplace, there are industrial ceramics, cast iron or steel inserts.

Unfortunately, they need constant care, because of this they are less durable, but have a huge advantage, which does not boast neither a classic fireplace – mobility. You can place it wherever you want. The second part, without which the fire would not be such chimney. Properly selected and installed chimney will make the flames in the fire bright. It should not be too wide or too narrow. It is best to consult a specialist. Hecalculatesthe required pipe diameter, depending on the volume of the chamber. Chimneys are made of “steel” and surrounded the entire length of special brick, but it is only if the house is under construction. When you install the fireplace has a built premises, the installation of a brick chimney shafts to bring a lot of hassle.

If at all possible, you will have to confine ourselves to the installation of steel pipe.But do not worry. It can hide or decorate, then it will look better than a brick. Facing the last part of the fire, the most important for creating the necessary environment. The variety of design ideas for the interior of all ages will help you to choose exactly what you need. Whether it’s an old stone fireplace, like a big boyar houses, or the latest, with a variety of electrical, built-in front panel and controlled via a remote upravleniya.Bolshinstvo business people and young people are attracted by high-tech style. For fireplaces using modern materials. Rigorous design, low color and concise manner that’s the perfect kind of fire that style.If your room is done in the style of hi-tech, such a fireplace would look perfectly merge with its atmosphere into a coherent whole.

Fireplace portals are manufactured by firms in order.Therefore, finding what you need not be any problems.Can order the portal has to finish in the required style and size you want, but it will increase its value by 20 percent or more.If the provider does not meet the requirements for the design, then buy only the frame, and finishing professionals to provide.Also, the cost depends on the materials from which the manufactured fireplace. For example, and made of onyx or some other expensive material is already estimated in the thousands of dollars.