Best Modern Roman Interior Design

In modern architecture, and thus in the interior design, there are many styles patterns. In addition, many more styles and are divided into several directions, sometimes completely indistinguishable from one another in the eyes of the layman. As a person who chooses to renovate and equip your home, make sense of this diversity? Which style to choose for your apartment? Of course, if you think about the type of people are accustomed to doing everything yourself and not difficult to choose suitable for your style, then you may well develop their own concept of design project. If you have, for whatever reasons, there is no desire or ability to engage in detailed elaboration of the future of the interior layout of its components, then, of course, better to turn to a professional designer.

Word of the design (design) came to us from the English language. In literal translation it has several meanings. This house design and drawing and drawing, and pattern. Now the term “design” most often used with the meaning of “industrial design”. On the interior design can be described as a method for designing user-friendly and beautiful sites on the basis of scientific and aesthetic knowledge. A person engaged in the development of the internal filling the room the designer is able to give it appeal not to the detriment of functionality to fill the space with a view of good taste and convenience. He embodies the wishes of the customer to correctly ranked the interior, will be able to find the optimal solution of controversial problems. All that the ordinary man sees clearly, the professional sees in color, shape and materials. Do not forget that the great designer focuses on market supplies and accessories. Therefore, be able to offer a list of everything you need with similar properties and characteristics, but with a different value. Also, he is able to recommend those or other materials suitable premises by virtue of his individual characteristics, to identify the most successful combinations available to the customer enhancements. The designer will determine the overall color gamut of accommodation and care about all the necessary components of the new face of housing. He think over and present several options for placement of furniture and equipment, items of furniture, elaborate style of the apartment as a whole and its constituent areas. Tell what innovations the market you can use in interior design in a particular style. Develop techniques that will help make your apartment a unique and memorable.

Your home, no matter what he  luxury apartments in a prestigious area, or one-bedroom apartment in a typical prefabricated house, for each person is the only place where there should always be comfortable and cozy. And the main task, which a designer  design of interior spaces, the appropriate identity of the person to be in it zhit.Na today it is impossible to determine which style is most popular in interior design. How many people so many opinions about the benefits of a particular stylistic direction in the design of buildings. Many people prefer not to any particular style, but a combination of several. For example, in the interior, designed in the classical Greco-Roman style, there may be items made in modern design.

The main feature of “modern” style is that it differs considerable freedom in the design of the interior. This style emphasizes a bright individuality and identity of the owner. Characteristic features of the interior, executed in modern style – smooth, like the current line, the curved shape of window and door openings. He has the beautiful harmony of faded, elegant tones. In this style, as in no other can seamlessly fit and modern consumer electronics, and some items made in the ultra-modern design. Nouveau can be used in large apartments and homes, and in small spaces.”Minimalism” can be characterized by the almost complete lack of decor as such. Written in this style rooms are a search for new ideal proportions and unusual colors. Very suitable for apartments and rooms with little obem.Polnostyu denies excessive smartness and “functionalism.” The philosophy of this style reads: “form follow function.” This style is clear, complete the form. Nothing superfluous, everything is subject to the direct naznacheniyu.Eto, of course, is far from complete and detailed description of the existing styles. To understand in all their diversity by virtue except that of a professional architect, artist, or apartment dizayneru.Sootvetstvie nature of the owner, his habits, philosophy – that is the main condition for the development of style. It may be in strict conformity to some is already the established trend in architecture, but this is absolutely not necessary. Often design the apartment is a blend of different styles. This is because the style preferences of members of one family can vary significantly. .

Roman style has ancient roots, the Roman style was formed over centuries, is modified somewhat, but has always been original in its execution. . Legacy of Ancient Greece, the ancient Roman style revived him, adding refinement and luxury. So born to an Italian arch, barrel vault, arch, made out to order a cell, different variations of bathing svodov.Kak rule on the walls of the Roman style, using one color. Mostly decorative plaster, and painted to simulate mramor.Chasche light colors, white, ivory, beige, but it is not a constraint in the palette as used marble and sky-blue and red and other colors. Importantly, there must be a sense of purity, light, majesty. A nice addition and an ornament of Romanstyle frescoes and can serve as mozaiki.Pletenye chair with round back, the shape of the chair and the bed is similar to ancient Greek. Benches and ceremonial chairs in the interior of a Romanstyle marble chairs (round base), and tables  with the “lion’s” legs and a round table top, or a stone slab with raised cheek. Right figure shows only a partial transfer of Roman style in the interior (not matched).

When selecting furniture for the Roman style, pay particular attention to complex forms. The advantage will be the furniture covered with ornaments using military attributes or animals symbolizing power. Remember, the furniture should create aroskoshi.Keramicheskaya tiles, imitation marble, stone and concrete. Sometimes used colorful mosaic of stones, it is important not to overdo it. You can use the Romanstyle carpet, but only as a small portion of the total floor area so as not to interrupt the general feeling.

In the extreme cafor flooring whitewashed wood or marble pol.Pri choice ceiling Roman style, as a rule, there are two directions. First – coffered ceiling. Due to refraction can create a feeling of extra space. Second a multi-level. In the presence of a high ceiling can be achieved dome shape, which will also give the magnitude of the whole komnate.V Roman-style ceiling light. If the walls are also light, it is made in one color to the walls (shades of white), often brighter than the walls. Possible relief (geometric, less iconic as scenes of ancient Rome). The big plus is the use of coffered ceilings, broken into the cell. Sometimes the added insertion of a mosaic.