Best Space Saving Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

Are there more kids than bedrooms in your home? Don’t sweat it — shared rooms for siblings are gaining more and more popularity. Some parents believe it’ll help their boys and girls kids develop a closer relationship with each other, so it’s not always just a single solution to square footage issues.Regardless of your full reason, find inspiration below for a shared room for two or more kids. If you have loft space available in your kids’ bedroom, use it as a play area above the beds. This alternative to bunk beds uses stacked space just sets as efficiently as those beds do. With the beds on the floor, your kids won’t have to climb up and down a ladder in the middle of the night if they wake up.

This bright room maximizes the hard-to-use corner space between the beds with a shelf furniture that doubles as a headboard for both beds. Each child has a part of the room with his or her own favorite color scheme, but because the same style is used with both sides of the room, everything appears unified. Drawers under the beds add extra storage space, which can be a premium in shared rooms. Rather than a dangerous ladder, these wooden bunk beds have stairs leading to the top bed. But look closely at each of the steps — each one has a drawer built into it, taking advantage of every inch of possible storage space in the room. The stairs also make it safer for a child to reach the top bunk.

For the more ambitious, consider constructing built-in bunks. These bunks blend in better with the rest of the room and create snug little places where your little ones can sleep. With this option, each child can have his or her own private space by drawing the curtains across the bunk. The kids can also hide their unmade beds behind the curtains, too. Older kids usually have more sophisticated tastes — they want anything but a “baby room.” The simpler style and more muted colors in this room may appeal to older kids or young teenagers, but it all depends on the particular tastes your own children have in their room design. This bedroom has a unified color and style theme. While the two sleeping spaces look the same, a sign with each child’s name personalizes each of the beds.