Care Package Ideas For College Students

Our oldest daughter is off to college and I was trying to think of all the things I would want her to take. Since I have a tendency to be over prepared, her dorm room would need to be the size of a small castle. Since its not I am starting off will small usable care packages, a care package that has some of her favorite things and reminds her of home. While shopping at Walmart I bought her favorite soda which is Dr. Pepper, various Pringles chips and Cheez-its. I also found a small binder that I will make her little survival guide with. Up until now I have pretty much done everything for my daughter. Now she needs to remember important dates, how to pay her bills, remember birthdays and phone numbers. So let’s first make a survival guide with all those things in it.

Supplies Needed:

Filler Paper
Craft Tape
Scrapbook Paper
Decorative File Folders with inner lines
Hole Punch


1. Gather your supplies

2.  Assemble the binder with the 5 dividers and split the filler paper with the last two dividers.

3. Cut file folders to the same size as the dividers making sure to keep lines usable.

4. Create your recipe cards.  You can print it out, but I feel like hand writing them keeps them personal.  I added her favorite recipes, but think about adding easy recipes as well that can be done in a small kitchen with little supplies.

5. Use another sent of the folders you cut to make a list for your families birthdays.  I used some of the craft tape for a little texture.

6. Use the last cut folder pages for the address book.  I added a bit of a different colored craft tape.

7. So far we have used 3 of the dividers.  The 4th divider will be for Expenses, which she will fill in.  The last page is title misc. and I slipped her a little note telling her how proud I am of her and some other stuff that lets her know she is special.

8.That was really easy and fun to make.  I used some of the scrapbook papers to decorate the binder.  The last thing you can do is make titles with each of the folders.  I used a little printer, but you can use a sharpie.

Best College Care Package Ideas:

Clean Up guide with cleaning supplies

Recipe Book with some ingredients

Warm and Cozy Package with a soft blanket, fuzzy socks and coco mix with cups.