Carpet Maintenance: Easy Tips to Care for Your Carpets

Buying a carpet for your living space is indeed a great idea as it adds to the beauty and pristine of your home. However, carpet maintenance is important as there may be times when you spill something accidentally or drop some sticky item which may be difficult to remove. Some of the maintenance tips given below certainly come handy to deal with problems related to your carpet.

Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips


Vacuuming your carpet once in 7 days does help. It must be done towards the direction of the pile. To figure out the direction, try stroking your hand with the carpet and if the pile has a smooth feel, you have got it right. The rough side of the carpet leads to the direction opposite the pile. While using the vacuum cleaner, the nozzle of the machine must be lifted after each move rather than pushing it forward and back.

If the carpet is a brand new one, you may find extra wool and fluffs coming out. As far as the Persian carpet is concerned, it mostly disappears after vacuuming a couple of times. Avoid vacuuming the extra wool as its good to wait for it to disappear on its own gradually. This helps in reducing the wear of your carpet. Do not beat the carpet to get rid of dust as it may spoil the knots.

Impressions or dents

If there is a dent or other marks caused due to another piece of furniture, it can be removed without much difficulty. Start by rinsing with a cloth dipped in cold water, close the affected area and mark it with the cloth. With a flat iron, start ironing the cloth towards the direction of the pile. Repeat the process if the mark does not go away.


The carpet must be rotated frequently at 180 degrees to avoid discoloration on a specific area, especially if it’s exposed to the sun directly. It also helps the carpet from being worn out.

Cleaning the carpet

Now that you have used the carpet for quite some time, it does need a good washing. Choose a specialist for carpet cleaning in Ipswich as the carpets are cleaned effectively to give it a newer look. The carpets not only look cleaner but the cleaning experts ensure that the lustre is brought back. The cleaning method used by the professionals is highly advanced which helps to remove even the toughest stains.


If the carpet is handmade and gets damaged, it can be repaired. The fringes of the carpet can be replaced or repaired if it’s damaged or falling off. If you find other damages like tiny holes, it can be repaired by specialists. However, choose the best and most reliable one to ensure that your carpet is repaired without any further damage. The handmade carpets are costly to repair and hence you should rethink if it needs repairing. If the cost of a new carpet and repair expenses is coming up to the same, it is really not worth getting the old one repaired.

An underlay

To reduce the wear and tear, an underlay can be used for your carpet. It not only adds to the longevity but also provides additional comfort and security to your carpet. It remains fixed in one place and hence the underlay is highly recommended for both thick and thin carpets. The key benefit of an underlay is that it absorbs sound and also provides added comfort when you walk on it. These are some of the useful tips that help to maintain your carpet for a longer duration of time.