Cascade ECO Christmas Tree Review  Giveaway Closed

When I first received information about the Cascades’ Christmas Tree, I was thrilled to try it out.  You can get them predesigned, but I wanted the white one.  My kids and I LOVE doing crafty Christmas projects, it seems that time of year inspiration is endless.  It is a blank canvas and I had ideas popping in my mind, I know the kids would be happy.The Classico cascade tree (pictures at the top) came in a couple of days ago.

Types of christmas ornament :-

  • Red christmas ornament
  • Gold christmas ornament
  • Bird christmas ornament
  • Large christmas ornament
  • White christmas ornament
  • Glass christmas ornament

We pulled it all out and started work.  I could see their minds working.  On each piece I asked them to draw, paint or color whatever came to mind.  I wrote their names and year, that way I will know at that time in their lives they were into drawing this and that.  They will look at it and be pleased with the memories they had of making it together with each other. I also took heart in knowing that this tree was made from 100% recycled fibers.  It is sturdy enough that we can pull it out each year. I found this an excellent way for us to gather together and as you can see from the photos, my kids are hard at work.  Well I am too.

My creative juices were flowing.  See the tree on the left, that one is mine.  But you don’t have to be creative to enjoy this Christmas Tree with the decorations. This would be a very eco way for businesses to put up Christmas trees each year as well.  Oh don’t worry you wouldn’t have to decorate all of them, the Classico, which is the one I am using comes in white and green.

Types of christmas tree:-

  • Sliver christmas tree
  • Black christmas tree
  • Pink christmas tree
  • Blue christmas tree

The  Moderno model or its smaller version the piccolo come pre-printed, green or white.  See isn’t it schnazzy… Info about these trees:Made of strong card board Easy to assemble, without glue or tools Easy to disassemble and reuse Easy to store in very little space Classic design100% recycled and recyclable FSC® certified Available in two colours: white and green Packaging: 40.5? x 19.4? x 1.25?. I HIGHLY recommend this product.  It is a very fun and creative way for us to create memories during this special time of year or to show your “eco”! I have an extra I will to send to a lucky winner.  Please comment for every entry, if it is worth 5, please comment 5 times.  Only #1 is necessary.