Cheerleaders Wolves And Scheels Oh My

My son’s team will have their Championship Game tomorrow, I am biting my nails and have butterflies! Last night the coaches wanted the kids to review tape of their opponent and they wanted to do so at Scheel’s (They have conference rooms there).   I thought oh goody, now I have to keep us from buying the store while we wait.  They have too much stuff there.

So we are walking around checking out the fish:

My two little girls where so in awe of the fish, we hadn’t even made it to the other tank yet (it has salt water fish.) We thought we are gonna be here a while, so lets let the kids play in the play area, I have wipes and we can check out the youth shoes and under armour stuff.  My little man (I know he isn’t little anymore)  is about to start wrestling and needs some wrestling shoes.  So ok kids, play away…  Baby girl is just happy to be by the racks of clothing, I think she’s gonna be a shopper, watch out!

Ok, we are done with that, my ballerina and teenager are hot, sweaty and ready to come out.  Mom to the rescue with the wipes and we are off! We get to the Ferris Wheel, all of us are staring up in the air with our mouths open.  I knew they were big, but it adds perspective when I’m standing right next to one, inside a store no less.

Than I hear, in a high pitched squeaky voice:  Cheerleaders!!! We all know my ballerina, now from this point forward will be know as my cheerleader, wants desperately to be a cheerleader.  And what to we see?  Our UNR Wolfpack cheerleaders! I thought, Oh picture opportunities and I am so glad we came here! My cheerleader got to dance with one of the mascots and take pictures with the both of them (one for football and one for basketball.)

My oldest, who wants to go to UNR and LOVES wolves is beyond excited but… she is a teenager and it would go against the teenager code to show the giddy happiness she was experiencing! The whole time Baby Girl was staring at the mascots, wow those guys are big.  I want one of those. After the dancing and picture taking my little girl was on cloud 9.  Standing there snapping her fingers shaking her hip, what a little personality.  They got their spirit beads and a free ride on the Ferris Wheel.