Child Safety Tips

Leading up to the birth of our first child I did a lot of reading.  I studied and practiced hard to have a natural delivery.  I read what clothes and supplies to take to the hospital.  I read about holding the baby, changing the baby, bathing the baby.    What I didn’t see a whole lot of was the dangers our home could pose to baby. Our first child taught us a lot about safety, she did so by challenging the very laws of gravity, balance and physics.  The first three tips I’m giving you are because we experienced them with my oldest daughter,  I thank the Lord every day that she is with us.


Never Leave Baby Unattended

When babies are little and new they don’t do too much rolling while they sleep, but you never really know when that rolling is going to start.  Never leave baby unattended on the bed, on a counter or anywhere they can roll off and fall.  When you least expect it they will roll off and that is exactly what my first born did, she rolled off the bed.

Try putting them them some place secure near to you:

  • Crib
  • In a Snugli on your chest.
  • Play Yard
  • Buckled in the swing
  • Buckled in the bouncer.  *This depends on the bouncer.  I prefer the ones with legs not the ones that are short and placed on tables.  Why?  The vibration could bounce it off, a toddler could come yank on it.  There are just too many “what if’s.”


Get on your hands and knees, look in every nook and cranny for small objects.

Because if there is anything on the floor babies and toddlers WILL put it in their mouth and potentially choke on it, swallow it or be poisoned.  We have always been so careful, but my first born yet again proved even the most careful need to be vigilant.  She found a penny and swallowed it.  We had to take her in for an emergency procedure to have the penny removed from her esophagus.. If you see anything (smaller then an egg) near where your little one plays, sleeps, or crawls pick it up.  I have learned if thought crosses my mind regarding the safety of an item, they already of plans to do something with it.


Secure your Shelving, Dressers and TV’s to the wall.

One fine morning while cleaning in the kitchen I hear screaming from the bedroom; the dresser had fallen on my oldest.   We were VERY lucky in this case because she had opened the other drawers like a stair case.  This caused the bottom drawer to hold the dresser suspended at a 45 degree angle while she was inside one of the drawers.  With one hand I was grabbed her and the other was lifted the dresser.  I don’t know why little ones have a fascination with shelving, dressers and TV’s but they do.  There have been thousands of the same occurrences with horrible outcomes.

So Batten down the hatches:

  • Secure your television with a wall mount or make it unreachable.  Keep an eye on your little one they’ll come by and test their reach until they finally get Mom & Dad don’t want them to touch this.
  • Secure your dressers to the wall.  We now use an angle bracket.  I know this requires drilling into your dresser but it is worth it to know your little ones are safe from a heavy dresser.
  • Secure shelving to the wall.  Depending on the shelves you can use another L bracket or a nylon straps to secure the shelf to the wall.

These items were the top three Child Safety Tips for me because I experienced them.  There are more safety concerns we need to consider, like these ones from

  • Tug on your kid’s car seat where the seat belt goes.
  • Check smoke and CO alarms monthly.
  • Scan your home for places kids can get into medicine.

You can learn more about Safe Kids Worldwide , how celebrities like Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman, Nigel & Cristen Barker, Kate Hudson, and Mark & Rhea Wahlberg are helping to raise awareness and the National Safe Kids Day events being held April 5th in Los Angeles and April 12th in New York!