Clean Appliances Using A Magic Eraser

When Mr. Clean first came out with the Magic Eraser I was curious. My regular sponges and wash clothes worked ok, but there was nothing magic about them. So I bought a box of magic erasers and now there is no going back to anything else for cleaning the stubborn spots areas in my house.

Why was I amazed? The first time I used the Magic Eraser I couldn’t stop.

  • I started with my stainless steel sink, it got out all the stains and it shinned.
  • I headed over to the stove top and it got all the old grease spots off and it shinned.
  • I headed over to the counter where the tea maker sits, it got out all the tea stains.
  • I went to work on my stainless steel pots and pans, you could see the copper again.
  • I started on the walls, you know those spots where the kids touch repeatedly? Cleaned it right off.

Next up was my kitchen appliances. I spend most of my time in the kitchen and my appliances have earned their place on what precious little counter space I have. I love them to be shinny and beautiful, but appliances are harder to clean because they can’t be submerged into water and you have to be careful to not get wet with a regular sponge or rag. Out comes the slightly moistened Magic Eraser and I put it to the test…

  • On my slow cooker
  • On my coveted coffee machine
  • The precious coffee pot
  • I also used it on my pressure cooker but completely forgot to take pictures. I was in a cleaning frenzy.

The only draw back is that eraser tends to shred away much like a real eraser. But it is totally worth the money because it saves me so much time and elbow grease.