Ideal Steps To Follow When Cleaning Your Kitchen Counters

Keeping your kitchen counters clean will easily help you eliminate any cluttered or disorganized feeling inside your kitchen. And the good news is that – cleaning your kitchen counters will only take you ten minutes to complete. Hence, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be practicing the same. 

We suggest following the below-mentioned steps to clean your kitchen counters in just ten minutes. 

Steps To Follow When Cleaning Your Kitchen Counters

1. Clear Your Kitchen Counters

According to reliable house cleaners in Auckland, the first step that you should be performing is removing everything from the kitchen counter and placing them elsewhere inside the kitchen. You can use your dining table as a place to temporarily store your kitchen counter items, till you’re done with the cleaning process.

2. Create Your Cleaning Solution

It’s time to make your cleaning solution by adding a few drops of dish soap (preferably lemon dish soap) into a soapy, warm bowl of water. Mix the solution well and use a clean cloth for the cleaning process.

Proceed to submerge the cloth into the cleaning solution bowl and then start mopping the kitchen counter. You can also use a bar mop towel instead. In case you have backsplash tiles as well, then you can utilize this cleaning solution to clean the same as well. 

3. Rinse The Cloth As Required

Continue to re-dip your cleaning towel or cloth into the cleaning solution as much as you need. Ensure that you do your job perfectly so that every inch of your kitchen counter looks exquisite. 

Once you’re done with the cleaning process, you can use a dry cloth to dry the wet areas. Or you can wait till the areas air-dry themselves. 

4. Assess Your Kitchen Counter Items

Now it’s time to inspect the kitchen counter items that you’ve kept on your dining table so that you eliminate any item if required. For instance, cups or plates that you don’t use often shouldn’t be staying on the kitchen counter and instead should be stored away inside a kitchen cabinet. Doing so will help you free up essential space on your kitchen counters. The same can be said about any kitchen appliance. For example, if you don’t use your toaster much, then proceed to store it away and free up some much-needed space.

5. Restructuring Time

Once you’ve assessed the items that you need and the ones that you don’t, it’s time to put the rest onto the kitchen counter. However, remember to make zones for each category of item. For instance, you’d want to keep your coffee-making essentials together and separate from the items that you need when making tea.

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