Common Home Inspection Mistakes Buyers Can Avoid

Home inspection to our sentimental nerve is to rely on someone to accurately tell us if the home being inspected is worth buying or not. A good report will convince you to buy the home, and vice versa. However, many buyers repeat the same mistake and buy a house that causes a dent in their pockets. Are you wondering how to avoid those mistakes? The following list will prove helpful to you. 

  • Home Inspector

You may get a lead to a home inspector via your real estate agent. However, a reference does not imply that the home inspector or home inspection company is reliable. Real estate agents often get a commission for providing leads. You should check if the home inspection company has a license, insurance, experience, and most importantly, good customer ratings. 

  • Negotiation

While negotiation is a part of fixing the price, do not expect all home inspection companies to be open to it. For instance, home inspection in Brevard County FL may agree, while another company across the town may not be willing to negotiate. Do not compromise on a proper home inspection to save a few bucks. It can hamper the final report, and in turn, you will be paying more for repairing in the near future. 

  • Ignorance 

Do not ignore the advice your home inspector gives you as per the report. You are getting a home inspection for a reason. If you decide to buy the home, do not think twice before starting the repair work that the final report suggests, especially anything requiring immediate repairing. You can deduct the money later from the final amount that you will be paying the seller. 

  • Skimming 

Many times, buyers either skim through the report or only check the summary pages. Please take out time, and go through the final report properly. Check the comments that the home inspector has left to be read by you. Going through the report will help you know what you are stepping into if you buy the home in concern and give you more negotiation power. 

  • Presence 

Nobody will tell you that it is compulsory for you to be present during the home inspection. However, it is prudent if you can be present. Seeing the problems will help you understand them better. Additionally, by being present, you can make sure that the home inspector is checking the roof, exterior, plumbing, and wiring of the home properly because otherwise, the house inspector may ignore them. 

Proper research definitely helps for understanding the home inspection better. Do not hesitate to ask anything that you are unable to understand or may require an assistant. Keeping the communication clear will help you as well as the seller and the home inspection company.