Create  Personalize Holiday Cards With Purple Trail

Every year I try and think of new ideas to do for with our Christmas cards.  We have made some by hand and we have bought some cute one’s and added glitter. Something we haven’t done yet is personalize and have them printed online.  With Purple Trail’s personalised holiday cards, I can do a few different things.

Here are some of my ideas for this year:

1)  I am thinking of either having the kids draw, paint, and color their favorite Christmas scenes.  We could scan those and upload them to our Purple Trail account.  We could use one per card or various images per card.

2)  We could also get our family portrait done and include them in our Holiday cards or just some of my favorite pictures from the year.  There are over 100 different card designs to choose from or I could design my own.

3)  One thing I just thought of, we wouldn’t have to sign all 7 of our names on each card.  Oh the writers cramp in my wrist and hand.  No more.

4)  Now if I send my cards electronically, I can have the kids record a message.  Or how about a video of them singing a Christmas song or giving their holiday message?

5) I always try and include my contact information.  I have had family and friends thank me for this.  Sometimes information gets lost.  Or if you like me, I plug numbers in my cell phone.  What happens if I lose my cell phone or it goes kaput?  I don’t have their numbers any more.

6)  Something I haven’t done, but my sister n law and her kids like to do is include a family newsletter.  She updates the family on all the events of the year.   It is pretty neat.  I may include my blog address in our cards, I make a lot of updates this way, but I haven’t decided yet.

7)  Oh, our family usually has a huge Christmas gathering/party..  Purple trail has some real neat invitations that I could personalize or even start from scratch and make my own.  Maybe using pics from previous parties.  Just a thought.